• Using Coding Katas, BDD and VS2010 Project Templates: Part 2

    by Jamie Phillips on  Sep 29, 2010 1

    This is the second of a three-part series on how Jamie Phillips used a combination of coding katas, behavior driven development, and project templates to improve his development practices. In this part Jamie introduces the reader to behavior driven development and explains how it can improve the effectiveness of unit testing.

  • Using Coding Katas, BDD and VS2010 Project Templates: Part 1

    by Jamie Phillips on  Sep 24, 2010 2

    This three-part series on using coding katas in practice Behavior Driven Development was written by the late Jamie Phillips, a well-known member of Boston's Agile and .NET communities. When we saw the first draft of this article we were all eager to publish it, but he passed away before we could finish the editing process. With the permission of wife Diana, we proudly present his final work.

  • Introducing the Tellurium Automated Testing Framework

    by Jian Fang on  Sep 21, 2010 11

    Jian Fang describes the The Tellurium Automated Testing Framework he created which features a novel approach to automated, referred to as a UI module, to try and improve the often brittle state of automated web UI testing code.

The Limits of Agile

Posted by Alan Kelly on  Jul 19, 2010

Outside of a certain Agile sweet-spot, there are more barriers and costs to applying Agile techniques. None of these obstacles prevents Agile in itself but each increases the cost of getting to Agile. 5

A Tester's Learning Journey

Posted by Lisa Crispin on  Jun 24, 2010

More development teams are putting testing front and center, and using TDD. Lisa Crispin covers how attitude and curiosity have shaped her career and kept her passion for testing software fresh. 3

Making TDD Stick: Problems and Solutions for Adopters

Posted by Mark Levison on  Jan 05, 2009

Teams in large organizations still struggle to adopt TDD. In this article Mark Levison shares problems he uncovered when he surveyed teams, and his own strategy to introduce TDD into an organization. 11

Iterative, Automated and Continuous Performance

Posted by Kirk Pepperdine on  Nov 16, 2007

Iterative and continuous are terms that are often used in reference to testing of software. This new InfoQ article takes a look at whether the same concepts can be applied to performance tuning. 16

Test Driven Development with Visual Studio for Database Professionals

Posted by Cory Foy on  Oct 18, 2007

Cory Foy walks through the process to implement Test Driven Development for business logic implemented in the database. 4

Book Excerpt: Continuous Integration means Continuous Testing

Posted by Paul Duvall, Steve Matyas, Andrew Glover on  Aug 05, 2007

Continuous Integration has become a standard development best practice - but it's not always done well. InfoQ presents advice and examples in Chapter 6: Continuous Testing from a new CI book. 4

Agile, Architecture and the 5am Production Problem

Posted by Michael Nygard on  Jun 25, 2007

Can refactoring and TDD create “working software” that survives real life? Michael Nygard suggests that "leaky abstractions" ambush us at 5AM when we've paid too little attention to architecture. 25

Unit-Testing XML

Posted by Stefan Bodewig on  Jun 11, 2007

Today, almost every modern application consumes or produces XML. Stefan Bodewig explains the challenges in testing XML-based applications, and shows how to use the XMLUnit Java Framework to do so. 8

TDD with Selenium and Castle

Posted by Dan Bunea on  Feb 20, 2007

TDD principals provide architects a way to quickly jump into active development early in the application development lifecycle. Dan Bunea demonstrates how TDD can be applied in .NET. 5

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