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Rebecca Mercuri on Computer Forensics by Rebecca Mercuri Posted on Jan 27, 2010 In this interview, Dr. Mercuri defines computer forensics, then discusses how forensics apply to criminal, civil, and intellectual property law. She addressed the challenges that technological advances, (e.g. RAID, cell phones, GPS devices, and Cloud Computing) increase the challenges faced by the forensic computer scientist. She also discusses appropriate actions if you suspect security issues. 1

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Security for the Services World by Chris Riley Posted on Mar 10, 2010 Chris Riley presents security issues threatening service based systems which could be attacked on the transport or the message layer. He examines some of the security threats presenting measures to undertake to reduce the risks and available security frameworks.

Advanced Threat Modeling by John Steven Posted on Sep 06, 2008 In this presentation, John Steven talks about modeling security threats as a way to discover, understand and counteract threats while designing the system architecture. John presents threat modeling through examples focusing on authentication, authorization and session management. 1

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