Spring Overtakes EJB as a Skills Requirement?

by Floyd Marinescu on  Feb 12, 2008 21

Job listings comparisons on show Spring surpassing EJB. Using this observation, SpringSource CEO Rod Johnson, argues that EJB is becoming legacy and that the EJB3.0 spec is doing too little, too late to prevent this trend. Do these comparisons indeed reflect significant shifts in the choices companies are making in regards to their core components for Java enterprise development?

SOA Is Alive And Well?

by Mark Little on  Oct 18, 2007

ZapThink analyst Ron Schmelzer gives their take on the current life of SOA and why so many people may have been tolling the bell for it far too early.

Getting started with Rubinius development

by Werner Schuster on  Sep 28, 2007 4

Rubinius is quickly gathering interest and is coming close to full Ruby support. We take a look at Rubinius development, what to check out and where to start.

Avid Agile Adoption Engenders an "Equal and Opposite" Reaction

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Mar 29, 2007 2

An old post on "The Physics of Passion" resonates today, as the methodology argument continues: is Agile an approach worth embracing? Or just the latest flavour of corporate Kool-Aid? Kathy Sierra wrote that being accused of "drinking the Kool-Aid" can be a good thing: a sign that we're developing passionate proponents - and opponents.

Darwin and Service Reuse: Competition is Good

by Mark Little on  Mar 07, 2007 2

Service reuse is something that many SOA proponents say is a benefit. However, proponents of object-orientation techniques said the same thing and that didn't materialize. Is introducing competition in the service arena a way of getting improvements in reuse?

2006 Top Enterprise Software News and Content

by InfoQ Team on  Jan 15, 2007

It is our pleasure to present to you the most popular content on InfoQ in 2006. launched June 8th, 2006, and has since put out over seventy six high quality articles on Java, .NET, Ruby, SOA, and Agile, as well as a number of free downloadable books and video interviews / video conference presentations by world renowned experts.

Rails Helps Service Survive Hawaii Earthquake

by Obie Fernandez on  Nov 08, 2006 4, a document storage company successfully maintained all company services during Hawaii's recent earthquake. Among other factors, the company's leader credited their use of Ruby on Rails as part of their ability to stay up during the catastrophe.

Survey: Leaders Say Agile Has "Crossed the Chasm"

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Sep 14, 2006 26

Diana Larsen leads a lot of retrospectives... So, it's not surprising that, when she asked herself "Where is Agile going now?" her response was to run a retrospective of her own. She found that leaders in our community are convinced: Agile methods have "crossed the chasm" to become a respectable alternative for managing and working in software projects. InfoQ brings you this exclusive article.

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