• Testing Misconceptions

    by Liam O'Connor on  Jun 01, 2011 17

    In this article Liam O'Connor explains some of the common misconceptions about testing. If you write your tests with these in mind, he hopes that it will help you and your team to decide when it is appropriate to test, and when it isn't.

  • Using Coding Katas, BDD and VS2010 Project Templates: Part 3

    by Jamie Phillips on  Oct 06, 2010 1

    This is the third and final part of the late Jamie Phillip’s exploration into the world of coding kata’s and Behavior Driven Design. This part shows how to incorporate VS 2010 project templates into the testing process.

  • Using Coding Katas, BDD and VS2010 Project Templates: Part 2

    by Jamie Phillips on  Sep 29, 2010 1

    This is the second of a three-part series on how Jamie Phillips used a combination of coding katas, behavior driven development, and project templates to improve his development practices. In this part Jamie introduces the reader to behavior driven development and explains how it can improve the effectiveness of unit testing.

Using Coding Katas, BDD and VS2010 Project Templates: Part 1

Posted by Jamie Phillips on  Sep 24, 2010

Regardless of experience there are always opportunities to strengthen one’s skills. Jamie Phillips demonstrates how he used coding katas to improve upon his skills after 8 years of writing C# code. 2

Skills for Scrum Agile Teams

Posted by Prasad Prabhakaran on  Jul 26, 2010

The skills needed to be hyper-productive in an agile project differ from those required by a traditional one. This article identifies behavioral and technical skills required to give a team that edge. 16

The Limits of Agile

Posted by Alan Kelly on  Jul 19, 2010

Outside of a certain Agile sweet-spot, there are more barriers and costs to applying Agile techniques. None of these obstacles prevents Agile in itself but each increases the cost of getting to Agile. 5

Architecting TekPub - Moving from ASP.NET MVC to Ruby on Rails

Posted by Robert Bazinet on  May 19, 2010

TekPub is an interesting case about company who started on ASP.NET MVC and quickly moved to Ruby on Rails. We had the opportunity to talk with them about their technology turnaround. 21

Unit and Integration Testing for GWT Applications

Posted by Bertrand Paquet and Gael Lazzari on  Apr 19, 2010

Bertrand Paquet and Gael Lazzari of Octo Technology explore Unit Testing GWT applications and introduce their own open source gwt-test-utils framework. 2

Code Contracts in C#

Posted by Jon Skeet on  Apr 14, 2010

This article discusses the concepts and ideas of Code Contracts and how C# handles them, including the ideas behind Design by Contract and how to use Code Contracts in your code.

FlexMonkey brings unit testing to Flex user interface developers

Posted by Stuart Stern on  Jul 15, 2009

This article explores how Gorilla Logic's new, open source Flex user interface automation testing tool, FlexMonkey, can enhance the productivity of both developers and QA testers. 3

JavaScript Test Driven Development with JsUnit and JSMock

Posted by Dennis Byrne on  Feb 09, 2009

This article is a crash course in writing maintainable JavaScript. We'll add features to a running example by iteratively following a simple principle: write a unit test, make it pass. 5

Typemock: Past, Present and Future

Posted by Eli Lopian on  Sep 04, 2008

Eli Lopian of Typemock answers a few questions on Typemock origins and where Typemock is headed. 5

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