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Lachlan Heasman and Bernd Schiffer on Agile Coaching by Lachlan Heasman and Bernd Schiffer Posted on Oct 12, 2013 Lachlan Heasman and Bernd Schiffer talk about Agile Coaching and how to define it and the skills required as well as their experiences along the way including Scrum PLoP, 42 things and Agile meetups.

Pragmatic Dave on Passion, Skill and 'Having A Blast' by Dave Thomas Posted on Jan 24, 2008 At QconLondon 2007 Jim Coplien spoke with "Pragmatic" Dave Thomas for InfoQ. This energetic 30-minute interview runs the gamut of Dave's wide-ranging interests: 'agile' publishing; how to turn what you love doing into a book; programming (and methodology) monocultures; staying limber with code "katas"; and advice for academics: help your students live with the passion of a 5-year old! 3

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Experience Report: Agile Development Apprenticeship at NMHU by Pam Rostal & Dave West Posted on Oct 16, 2006 During the 2004-2005 academic year, Pam Rostal and Dave West ran a unique work-study degree program at New Mexico Highlands University: 20 students using Agile practices to execute real world projects. This story shows what can happen when education goes beyond the ordinary: when people are encouraged to strive for mastery and taught the thinking tools to do so.

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