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InfoQ's New Redesign: Video Tour and Feedback

by Floyd Marinescu on  Apr 24, 2013 25

Announcing the first major redesign of InfoQ since its inception. The intention of this redesign is to make it easier for users to find content they want, to simplify most pages to emphasize content instead of sidebars and metadata, and to make the site easier to read and more tablet/mobile friendly.

How Competencies and Mental Shifts Help Agile Adoption

by Ben Linders on  Nov 30, 2012

Two stories describing how professionals discovered ways to move from “using a waterfall process” to “becoming agile”, and dealt with their concerns along the way.

Self Evaluate User Experience of Apps

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Nov 24, 2012

In the Build 2012, Lora Heiny, Senior Program Manager, Windows Partner Ecosystem and Will Tschumy, Principal User Experience Advisor at Microsoft delivered a session where they presented few tips which should be followed to evaluate the UX of a Windows 8 application including that of Windows Store apps.

Blend for Visual Studio 2012: Updated UX Tool for Windows 8 Applications

by Jenni Konrad on  Aug 17, 2012

Microsoft has announced the new Blend for Visual Studio 2012, a tool to design user interfaces for HTML and XAML applications in Windows Store 8. All versions of Visual Studio 2012 come with Blend, including Express.

Is Beautiful Usable, or Is It the Other Way Around?

by Abel Avram on  May 19, 2012 1

A group of researchers from two European universities have evaluated if “what is beautiful is usable” is true in software, and they have concluded that “what is usable is beautiful.”

The Agile Community Needs to Embrace... Agile Thought Leaders at YOW! Australia 2011

by Craig Smith on  Dec 21, 2011 2

What is the most important thing that the Agile community needs to embrace in 2012 and beyond? InfoQ had the opportunity to attend the recent YOW! Australia Software Developer Conference and took the opportunity of having such a large number of Agile speakers in one place to sit in on the sessions and ask them their thoughts on this question.

Major UI Themes in Windows 8

by Jonathan Allen on  Sep 13, 2011

Windows 8 Metro doesn’t just change the way applications look, it fundamentally changes how they behave. Applications will no longer be running in the background at all times, they will be suspended whenever they are not view. Rather than a save button, most applications will be constantly updating data on the cloud so that the user can seamlessly switch from one device to the next.

The Future of UI/UX in Agile

by Todd Charron on  Aug 30, 2011

Many people who are new to Agile are confused about the place of UI and UX design on Agile teams. Previously many teams have tried keeping the work separate from the team or having the work done one sprint ahead. Recently, there has been more talk about welcoming UI and UX into Agile teams and Lean UX has been at the forefront.

InfoQ’s First Minor UI Update in 5 years – feedback?

by Floyd Marinescu on  Aug 29, 2011 40

On behalf of the InfoQ team, we are happy to announce our underwhelming first minor UI re-launch in our 5 year history. This re-launch is the first in a set of incremental changes that will end with a homepage re-launch later in the year, with your feedback. This first launch maintains the same look and feel but removes the left bar while expanding the header and footer.

Web 3.0 - Cult or Culture?

by Michael Stal on  Jul 02, 2011 1

In a recent article by Jonathan Strickland for HowStuffWorks the author addresses Web 3.0. This "long anticipated and disruptive new technology" is supposed to increase the possibilities of users and providers. But what exactly is the Web 3.0?

HTML 5 and CSS 3 Support for Expression Web

by Jonathan Allen on  Mar 25, 2011

Microsoft has released an update to Expression Web 4 to support HTML 5 and CSS 3 development. This update, part of Service Pack 1, is only a partial solution; it offers IntelliSense and error-checking support but with only partial preview support. This update also includes expanded support for PHP IntelliSense.

Is ASP.NET MVC Inappropriate for User Interface Designers?

by Jonathan Allen on  Feb 15, 2011 17

While ASP.NET MVC has made great strides in making development easier, in a post titled “ASP.NET MVC Is the New ASP” Michael Taylor argues that it actually makes it harder on user interface designers.

Layout and Presentation Advice for the UX Designer

by Abel Avram on  Nov 12, 2010

Shane Morris, a former Microsoft UX Evangelist and currently an independent UX Architect, held a session called “Pimp My App” at TechEd Australia 2010, presenting 5 things to know before starting to create a UX, 4 steps for creating a good layout, and 6 tips on how to make a product look great.

Constantine on combining Agile and User Experience

by Shane Hastie on  Oct 17, 2010 1

Usability and Teamwork author and consultant Larry Constantine recently wrote two articles about the “Interfaith Marriage” between experience design and agile development. He examines the inherent conflict between the agile and UX perspectives and provides some concrete advice on how to integrate the two into a creative and productive union.

Agile 2010 - Make Stuff People Can Use

by Shane Hastie on  Sep 04, 2010

There were a number of sessions at Agile 2010 focused on usability and user experience. Samantha Starmer from REI presented a session titled "Make stuff people can use" that provided practical advice and pragmatic ideas on bringing usability into agile projects, even when there isn't a usability expert as a member of the team.

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