New PHP Licensing Option for Cloud Computing

by Dave West on  Sep 01, 2010

Zend recently announced an 'unlimited subscription' licensing option for its PHP products, in support of cloud computing. Virtualization and Cloud Computing challenge traditional concepts of software licensing, e.g. one license per user, one license per server, because of the dynamism and variability of running instances inherent in both concepts. Zend offers one way to solve this problem.

SpringSource vFabric cloud application framework platform

by Michael Hunger on  Sep 01, 2010 3

While VMWare offering a new range of products to support its vision of enterprise cloud computing at VMWorld 2010 is interesting from an operations and user perspective, developer focus is on vFabric the Spring platform for developing and running cloud based applications. The goal is to provide the same convenience infrastructure for cloud applications as for spring based enterprise applications.

Slowdown in Virtualization

by Dave West on  Aug 26, 2010 1

A 2010 survey suggests that companies have slowed their efforts to virtualize their data centers. The survey was conducted by InformationWeek and is the second in an annual series. The key finding: almost 20% fewer companies expect to have 25-49% of their servers virtualized by 2011 and almost 10% fewer companies expect to virtualize 50-74% of their servers.

Designing a Cloud-oriented Enterprise Datacenter

by Boris Lublinsky on  Aug 25, 2010 1

In his new article Tony Bishop discusses proven design principles for the implementation of a cloud-oriented data center.

Does the Cloud Need Server Virtualization?

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Jul 20, 2010 2

Simeon Simeonov wrote an essay on the latest strategy of VMWare in the wake of the SpringSource Acquisition 12 months ago. He contends that if Server Virtualization was a key enabler of Cloud Computing, it's days might be counted as VMware CTO Steve Herrod explains “We are committed to making Spring the best language for cloud applications, even if that cloud is not based on VMware vSphere.”

Rackspace Has Open Sourced Its Cloud Platform

by Abel Avram on  Jul 19, 2010 5

Rackspace has opened its cloud computing platform source code under Apache 2.0 license as part of OpenStack initiative. NASA is contributing with technology powering NASA Nebula Cloud Platform.

Citrix Offers a Bare-Metal Desktop/Laptop Hypervisor

by Abel Avram on  May 14, 2010

Citrix has released XenClient, a Type 1 hypervisor built on Intel vPro technologies, targeted at corporate desktops/laptops with administration capabilities.

SpringSource Announces TC Server Spring Edition

by Josh Long on  Mar 10, 2010 3

SpringSource has announced an updated TC Server Spring Edition. TC Server is SpringSource's Tomcat-based offering with enhanced monitoring and cloud provisioning capabilities. It focuses on making operations' and developers' lives better.

Is Amazon EC2 Oversubscribed and Suffering from Internal Network Latency?

by Dio Synodinos on  Jan 14, 2010

There have been various reports from the community of Amazon EC2 users, that their instances are suffering poor performance, as the result of high internal network latency. This has led to speculations that Amazon's Cloud might be getting oversubscribed.

Generating Linux Appliances from Visual Studio

by Abel Avram on  Jul 30, 2009

Novell has released SUSE Studio, a tool used for creating Linux appliances. Related to that, the Mono team has created a plug-in to generate such SUSE powered appliances from within Visual Studio.

IBM Updates Cloud Strategy and Offerings

by Dave West on  Jun 17, 2009 1

IBM announces three new ways for businesses to utilize cloud computing: standardized services on the IBM cloud, private cloud services behind the firewall (managed by the business or IBM) and Cloud burst a way to seamless incorporate secure public clouds to accommodate "overflow" demand for services.

IBM Announces the WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance

by Dave West on  Jun 04, 2009

BM recently announced its WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance a device that facilitates the creation, deployment, and administration of private WebSphere cloud environments. The appliance offers virtual image from which complete WebSphere Application Server topologies can be constructed to create patterns as representations of fully functional WebSphere Application Server environments.

Panel: Virtual Panel on Cloud Computing

by Abel Avram on  May 19, 2009

In this virtual panel, InfoQ wants to find out from leading cloud experts what are the benefits brought by cloud computing as well as the constraints in using them, what is better to use, a public or a private cloud, is the cloud interoperability needed, what is the difference between providing infrastructure or a platform, and how can a client enforce regulatory compliance.

New Version Of Microsoft Managed Services Engine Released

by Dilip Krishnan on  May 06, 2009

Microsoft Released the May 2009 CTP of the Managed Services Engine (MSE) with source code that is available at Codeplex. The CTP is minor update to the February Beta release.

Article: Introduction to Virtual Service Oriented Grids

by Dave West on  May 06, 2009

This article from Intel traces three technologies (virtualization, service-orientation, and grid computing) as they merge to offer a hybrid platform for architecture, design, and applications development. The article includes a bit of technology history, a synthesis, and an industry example of the potential of this hybrid technology.

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