A TenserFlow recommender system for news

por Fabricio Vargas Matos  em  13 nov, 2017 por Fabricio Vargas Matos Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  13 nov, 2017

Attending this presentation you're going to follow a detailed overview of how R&D team of Hearst's TV division is putting together Google BigQuery, Kubernetes cluster and Tensorflow to build a hy(...)


Improving customer value estimation by predicting conversion

por Allan Dieguez  em  07 nov, 2017 por Allan Dieguez Seguir 1 Seguidores  em  07 nov, 2017

The objective of this presentation is to describe the challenges of modeling a customer conversion predictor using real leads data observed on different levels of the conversion funnel. It will i(...)


Building Machine Learning Service in your business

por Eric Chen  em  24 out, 2017 por Eric Chen Seguir 1 Seguidores  em  24 out, 2017

When making machine learning applications in Uber, we identified a sequence of common practices and painful procedures, and thus built a machine learning platform as a service. We here present th(...)


Discovering hidden treasures in yout data with graph analytics

por Ana Paula Appel  em  16 out, 2017 por Ana Paula Appel Seguir 1 Seguidores  em  16 out, 2017

Companies data are most from DB and mined using traditional data mining approach. However, model relational data as a graph can reveal useful insights and discovery relation among data that is ig(...)


Solving a business problem in 2 weeks using machine learning

por Lucas Fontes Navarro  em  13 out, 2017 por Lucas Fontes Navarro Seguir 1 Seguidores , Pedro Suguimoto Seguir 1 Seguidores  em  13 out, 2017

Machine Learning techniques are amazing to solve a bunch of complex business problems efficiently and also in a very fast manner with all of the available tools that we have nowadays. We will sho(...)


Optimizing battery life with data mining and ML

por Ramon Oliveira  em  03 out, 2017 por Ramon Oliveira Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  03 out, 2017

Battery life is critical for smart devices, but optimizing it requires cooperation from the entire software ecosystem. Our project aims to streamline energy-related bug processing in devices of(...)


Improving a recommendation engine with transfer learning

por Pierre Gutierrez  em  26 set, 2017 por Pierre Gutierrez Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  26 set, 2017

In this talk, we will describe how we improved an online vacation retailer recommender system by using the information in images. We’ll explain how to leverage open data and pre-trained deep lear(...)


Getting value from data science in the Telco business: the journey of Vivo Data Labs

por Paula Fadul  em  21 set, 2017 por Paula Fadul Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  21 set, 2017

In this presentation, we will go through the main challenges faced by the data scientists team since its creation and how we could leverage disruptive changes in our business process, technology(...)


Shortening the time from analysis to deployment with ML-as-a-Service

por Luiz Andrade  em  12 set, 2017 por Luiz Andrade Seguir 0 Seguidores , Gabriel Sivieri Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  12 set, 2017

This presentation shows one architecture design using RESTful resources, document oriented databases and pre-trained pipelines to achieve real-time predictions of time series with high availabili(...)


Building ML application locally with Spark

por Joel Pinho Lucas  em  08 set, 2017 por Joel Pinho Lucas Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  08 set, 2017

An introduction about a powerful machine learning library (MLlib) along with an overview of Spark, describing how to launch applications within a cluster. A demo will show how to simulate a Spark(...)


Practical Machine Learning Models to prevent Revenue Loss

por Flavio Clesio  em  28 ago, 2017 por Flavio Clesio Seguir 0 Seguidores , Eiti Kimura Seguir 1 Seguidores  em  28 ago, 2017

We offer a demonstration of machine learning (ML) to create an intelligent application based on distributed system data. We'll show ML techniques in the development of a data analysis application(...)


Deep Learning for sentiment analysis

por Andre Barbosa  em  24 ago, 2017 por Andre Barbosa Seguir 1 Seguidores  em  24 ago, 2017

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) are already proven to be the state of art technique for image classification projects. However, some recent research found that it can be also used for some t(...)

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