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IA, ML e Engenharia de Dados Seguir 506 Seguidores Hindsight bias: A machine learning story por Mayukh Bhaowal Seguir 0 Seguidores Postado em 02 out 2018 In this session, you'll learn about data leakage (aka label leakage) challenges while building Salesforce Einstein and the methods we used to detect and fix them automatically.

IA, ML e Engenharia de Dados Seguir 506 Seguidores Panel: Kaggle as stepping stone for a Data Scientist career por Eduardo Valle Seguir 0 Seguidores , Gilberto Titericz Junior Seguir 0 Seguidores , Cibele Montez Halasz Seguir 0 Seguidores , Rafael Calsaverini Seguir 0 Seguidores Postado em 25 set 2018 In this panel we will see a talk about data science competitions and how this can change your career.

IA, ML e Engenharia de Dados Seguir 506 Seguidores Deep Recommender Systems por Gabriel Moreira Seguir 2 Seguidores Postado em 13 set 2018 In this talk, you will understand the big picture of state-of-art RecSys techniques based on DL. We’ll present a practical example of News Recommendation implemented with Tensorflow. We’ll also introduce a real-world Kaggle dataset we’ve made available, accompanied by code examples, for your further experimentation.

Tecnologias Emergentes Seguir 9 Seguidores Extracting Entities and Relations in Portuguese Documents por Natalie Vargas Seguir 0 Seguidores Postado em 24 ago 2018 This talk describes an application developed to interpret documents, extracting important information. A pipeline of machine learning models comprising Named-Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction approaches was constructed in order to address the individual problems that compose this task. We have applied our method in Letters of Attorney and Articles of Incorporation (juridical domain) .

Tecnologias Emergentes Seguir 9 Seguidores AI-based Assistant for Business Process Outsourcing por Leonardo Neri Seguir 0 Seguidores Postado em 17 ago 2018 The BPO ASSISTANT distributes tickets to attendants, predict attendant performance and levels of proficiency, and provides a recommendation service to solve tickets faster. We describe a framework to build an assistant, detailing the data needed from tickets to train the AI models, and the necessary feedback system for monitoring the quality of predictions in production operation.

Tecnologias Emergentes Seguir 9 Seguidores Science Fiction and Fact: How to undermine AI dystopia por Bianca Ximenes Seguir 1 Seguidores Postado em 10 ago 2018 Sci-Fi has brought examples of how AI and cognitive systems can be applied, and some results seem dystopian. This talk presents some parallels between fact and fiction, as well as which and how organizations are teaming up to tackle ethical and social impacts of AI. This includes establishing data transparency, regulating black-box algorithms, and defining a theory for Machine Learning morality.

IA, ML e Engenharia de Dados Seguir 506 Seguidores Graph Mining with Deep Learning: challenges and pitfalls por Ana Paula Appel Seguir 1 Seguidores Postado em 03 ago 2018 Deep learning is widely use in several cases with a good match and accuracy. But when it comes to social networks there is a lot of problems involved, for example how do we represent a network in a neural network without lost node correspondence? Here I will review the state of art and present the success and fails in the area and the perspectives.

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