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Creating UI for your Smart Contract

por Esdras Eduardo  em  15 jun, 2018 por Esdras Eduardo Seguir 0 Seguidores , Julien Lucca Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  15 jun, 2018

So what happens when you sure have a great idea for your new blockchain apps but doesn't have a clue on how exactly your users will interact with it? It has no servers so how do I get my beautifu(...)


Kotlin: The "New" Kid on The Block!

por Walmyr Carvalho  em  05 jun, 2018 por Walmyr Carvalho Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  05 jun, 2018

In this talk we're going to learn how Kotlin can help you to be more productive, the benefits of it compared to other JVM languages, how you can start to use it for Android and backend (or even i(...)


Infrastructure as Code in the Wild

por Jonathan Lima  em  28 mai, 2018 por Jonathan Lima Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  28 mai, 2018

Ride with me on the journey of architecting and deploying a secure, production ready (and PCI-DSS compliant) infrastructure of a credit card processing company using 100% infrastructure as code. (...)


Create a Docker Swarm cluster with Terraform and Ansible

por Marcelo Pinheiro  em  15 mai, 2018 por Marcelo Pinheiro Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  15 mai, 2018

Do you want to start in the world of Infrastructure as Code with a useful case? Let's go creating a multicloud Docker Swarm cluster to run your microservices as a good starting point, using Terra(...)


Elixir GenServer - Understanding Elixir concurrency model

por Flávio Moreira Vieira  em  10 mai, 2018 por Flávio Moreira Vieira Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  10 mai, 2018

Talk about processes, message passing, linking processes, GenServer behavior and functionalities and finally dissect GenServer behavior to understand what is going on behind the scenes.


Data as the fabric of your app

por Andrew Rosa  em  19 abr, 2018 por Andrew Rosa Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  19 abr, 2018

Following the "Data as Code" mantra, let analyze its implications lifting our information model and treating it with the same precision that we used to deal with data itself, whereby we shorten t(...)


Beyond Promises - Async Patterns in JavaScript

por Thales de Mello  em  16 abr, 2018 por Thales de Mello Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  16 abr, 2018

Asynchronous Programming goes far beyond Promises and Async/Await. In this talk we will: - Explain how it used to be done with callbacks - Review how Promises work - Look at the benefits of(...)


Geolocation & Real Estate over Brazil

por Brenno Costa  em  12 abr, 2018 por Brenno Costa Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  12 abr, 2018

Challenges building a stack of applications that handles localization in one of the largest real estate portal in Brazil. How we use Scala & Akka to solve business and technical requirements to b(...)


Building a git reverse proxy in Go for Caddy

por Gabriel Gonçalves Nunes Mazetto  em  09 abr, 2018 por Gabriel Gonçalves Nunes Mazetto Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  09 abr, 2018

When your core business depends on custom communication protocols, you may end up having to get your hands dirty and write custom system services. In this talk I’m going to show how we can levera(...)


What Can We Learn With JavaScript Fatigue?

por Lucas Fernandes da Costa  em  03 abr, 2018 por Lucas Fernandes da Costa Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  03 abr, 2018

In this talk, I won’t talk about the language itself and I won’t talk about frameworks. I will talk about what how this ended up happening and why we should see it as a positive thing from a soft(...)


Game Battleplans - How a Ruby on Rails backend can be viable for a mobile real time strategy game?

por Carlos Figueiredo  em  28 mar, 2018 por Carlos Figueiredo Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  28 mar, 2018

Battleplans is a real time strategy game for Android and iOS, but backed by an Ruby on Rails server. In this talk I will share my experience maintaining the backend of the game and some tricks th(...)


Developing Distributed Apps on the Ethereum Blockchain

por Bernardo Amorim  em  27 mar, 2018 por Bernardo Amorim Seguir 0 Seguidores , Victor Maia Seguir 0 Seguidores  em  27 mar, 2018

A hands-on talk about programming distributed apps on the Ethereum Blockchain. In this talk you will be introduced in the basics of the blockchain and we'll show some real code of an example appl(...)

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