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Abonnés Discovering and using etckeeper par Nils Ratusznik Suivre 0 Abonnés Écrit le 08 déc. 2014 Discovering and using etckeeper : want to manage your config files in /etc without using the heavy machinery ? Use a git repository with etckeeper and be able to track, roll back and even backup your configurations on a remote server, all running CentOS.

Abonnés Managing and deploying custom selinux policies with your cfgmgmt solution (Ansible and Puppet covered) par Fabian Arrotin Suivre 0 Abonnés Écrit le 24 nov. 2014 Selinux is your friend, not your enemy! In this talk we'll see how you can manage selinux with your cfgmgmgt solution (we'll cover Ansible and Puppet).We'll see how to modify contexts/booleans but also build and distribute custom selinux policies on your managed nodes.