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Data Fellas, Agile Data Science with Scala



Data Science, a buzz word we've seen popping everywhere in 2015. Still, there are many friction points in the development process of services exploiting data. Data Fellas presents its vision of an unified environment starting with the Spark Notebook, helping different people with different tasks and background to develop a data service pipeline with minimal friction and maximal agility.


Xavier Tordoir : provides services and develops products related to data exploitation in distributed computing environments, embracing functional programming, Scala and BigData technologies.

Andy Petrella: creator of Spark Notebook and co-founder of Data Fellas. He's also member of program committee of the O’Reilly Strata, Scala eXchange and Data Science eXchange and Devoxx events.

A propos de cette Conférence

Let's get together and chat about machine-learning, natural language processing, large scale data analytics using open source tools such as Hadoop MapReduce, Shark, NoSQL databases, the semantic web and linked data.

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09 mars 2016