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Accueil InfoQ Présentations A journey from Fortune 100 companies to (Lean) Startups with Kanban

A journey from Fortune 100 companies to (Lean) Startups with Kanban



Follow us on a 4-years journey of using and forgetting Kanban in multiple contexts from major financial companies to unborn startups. Discover how we implemented Kanban, followed the Lean Startup approach, felt back to waterfall before setting up our Lean Kanban Startup. We will share what we have learned the hard way, from opportunities you may not see to pitfalls you can easily fall into.


David Cliquot is CEO of mvpstars*, a startup studio launching 4-6 new ventures every year. David has 10 years of experience managing IT projects with Agile methodologies mainly in the Investment Banking industry. Passionate about startups & entrepreneurship, he tries to combined the best from Lean Startup and Agile to build successful companies.

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