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Marco Consolaro

Page de profil créée 10 oct. 2021

Co-founder and Socio-Technical Coach at Alcor Academy
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I am a software crafter who started to code as a kid in the ’80s and never stopped learning, practicing and experimenting. In 2019 I published the multi-award-winning book "Agile Technical Practices Distilled, a learning journey in technical practices and principles of software design" , together with Pedro Santos and Alessandro Di Gioia.
Alessandro and I recently co-founded Alcor Academy, to set up software development teams for success using collaborative programming, innovative training techniques, and a proven learning path through technical practices. We are achieving amazing results with some of our customers, as far as they noticed a cultural change in their dev teams!
Despite coming from a very technical background, my interests span from philosophy and art to math and physics. Overall, I describe myself as a Systems thinker and I believe that iterative approaches based on trust, transparency, self-organization, and rapid feedback loops are the best way forward for any team working on high knowledge domains.