Agile - Don't lose sight of the bigger picture

Interview avec Dave Snowden Suivre 1 Abonnés , Mary Suivre 0 Abonnés , Tom Poppendieck Suivre 0 Abonnés le  05 janv. 2016

The three Rock Stars of the ScrumDay 2015, Dave Snowden and the Poppendiecks, are sharing their views on mainstream Agile, Scaling Agile, Lean Startup with insights of complexity theory and Lean, the way to develop business and people in organisations, and the future of software development.


How do you speak to devs?

Interview avec Mary Suivre 0 Abonnés , Tom Poppendieck Suivre 0 Abonnés le  31 déc. 2015

Mary and Tom Poppendieck are wellknown for promoting Lean ideas and principles in the software landscape for years. Mary's keynote during the Scrumday was a chance for us to spend some time understanding their relationships with devs and architects. How they discuss, get feedback and relay the Lean Mindset.


Cynefin applied to understand scaling Agile

Interview avec Dave Snowden Suivre 1 Abonnés le  29 déc. 2015

During the ScrumDay, InfoQ FR has interviewed Dave Snowden to explain what is Cynefin and how to use it, to describe a freshly introduced concept of 'acceptation', his point of view about "scaling agile" frameworks, and what can Cynefin and narrative bring in enterprise, in order to understand the dynamics of success and failure when deploying Agile at scale.

Culture & Méthodes Suivre 27 Abonnés

How do you speak to devs while transforming organisations?

Interview avec Olaf Lewitz Suivre 0 Abonnés , Michael K Sahota Suivre 0 Abonnés le  22 déc. 2015

Michael and Olaf help organisations to improve. Over this interview, let's find out how they are getting feedbacks from devs and architects and how they manage to influence that part of the organisation.

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