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Toyota Kata – habits for continuous improvements par Hakan Forss Écrit le 16 sept. 2014 What are the habits, routines, behavior patterns, needed to strive for excellence every day? How do we create a culture of continuous learning and improvement? Building on the power of habits, Toyota Kata will help you build a culture of continuous learning and improvement, a kaizen culture.

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Kanban appliqué au développement logiciel : de l'Agilité au Lean par Kenji Hiranabe Écrit le 29 août 2013 In this InfoQ article Kenji Hiranabe applies lessons learned while working with Japanese manufacturers. While many Agile teams are optimizing only a portion of the value stream, Hiranabe proposes a simple way to adapt lessons from Lean Manufacturing's "Kanban" visual tracking system to make process visible to more of the organization, for better communication and process improvement.