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Reza Rahimi

プロフィール作成日 2022年5月19日 午前12時0分

CTO and Cofounder @ Guru.AI


Reza is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Guru.AI, a consultancy specializing in empowering startups and enterprises through the strategic integration of AI, Big Data, and Analytic services into their digital transformation endeavors. He was a senior engineering manager at Dropbox, leading personalization, consumer targeting, and revenue-related ML products. He has more than 17 years of industrial work experience in big data management, analytics, and machine learning usage in different business segments (software as a service, consumer web, cloud services, consumer electronics, and healthcare insurance). He got his Ph.D. from UC Irvine in computer science and published about 20 books, journals, and conference papers in machine learning, cloud computing, and distributed systems (cited: 1300+). He is a Harvard Business Review Advisory Council member, MIT Technology Review Global Panel Member, and IEEE senior member.