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Sherin Thomas

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Staff Software Engineer @Chime


Sherin Thomas is a Software Engineer with over 12 years of experience at companies like Google, Twitter, Lyft, Netflix and Chime. She works in the field of Big Data, Streaming, ML/AI and Distributed Systems. Currently, she's building a shiny new data platform at Chime. Sherin has presented on the topic of ML and Streaming at various reputable conferences including a keynote address and has judged various awards such as SXSW Innovation awards and CES. Recently she advised NASA's SpaceML program and helped build a platform for processing petabytes of satellite imagery for detecting weather patterns and labelling raw data for climate science related AI research. She also writes a blog where she shares her thoughts on technology, work and career. When she's not technical stuff she enjoys painting, reading, perusing the art and fashion section of New York Times and spending time with her husband and toddler.