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  • Much Ado About Commitment

    by Thomas Cagley, Meghan Cagley on  Sep 28, 2013

    Great projects are generally the end result of commitment from three basic sets of actors: individual team members, teams and projects. With agile teams committing based on the needs of the business and their capabilities, and delivering against the commitment they make.

  • Interview with Jason Little about Agile Transformation

    by Ben Linders on  Apr 29, 2013

    Agile transformation is about focusing on organization change and understanding the complexities that come with it. An interview with Organizational change coach Jason Little about approaches for organizational change, culture, feedback and learning, and using the lean startup approach.

  • Bridging the Management Gap

    by Tiago Garcez on  Apr 01, 2013 3

    As Agile becomes widely accepted within IT organizations, one roadblock to more significant organizational change is becoming clear - resistance from management. Traditional command & control management no longer suffices in a globalized, knowledge-based economy. When will we reach the tipping point where organizations unshackle themselves from the limitations of command & control?

New Book: The Human Side of Agile

Posted by Shane Hastie on  Oct 08, 2012

Gil Broza has written a book focusing on the people factors that are needed for successful agile adoption and transformation in an organization. He offers advice targeting leaders at all levels.

The Contradictions of Technical Recruitment

Posted by Huw Lloyd on  Aug 27, 2012

Huw Lloyd presents a compelling psychological critique of the contradictions of technical recruitment that implicate the desire for team collaboration and the urgent quest for expertise. 6

The Culture Game - a book by Dan Mezick

Posted by Shane Hastie on  Jul 26, 2012

Dan Mezick has written The Culture Game – a book which examines the lessons learned about creating and nurturing organisational culture, and encouraging culture change.

My Experience as a QA in Scrum

Posted by Priyanka Hasija on  Jul 17, 2012

The QA role in Scrum is much more than writing tests and reporting bugs. In this article, Priyanka Hasija shares her experiences and the valuable lessons learned while serving as a QA in Scrum. 33

Organizational Culture and Agile: Does it fit?

Posted by Todd Charron on  Sep 26, 2011

Recently, Agile Coach Michael Sahota has been exploring the impacts of organizational culture on Agile transformations... 4

Agile Operations in the Enterprise

Posted by Michael Nygard on  May 21, 2010

We've been hearing about agile operations a lot lately, but what if you aren't a startup/Web 2.0 company? Is agile operations something that can really work inside a large, established enterprise? 1

How Did the Originators of the Agile Manifesto Turn from Technology Leaders to Leaders of a Cultural Change?

Posted by Orit Hazzan, Tali Seger, and Gil Luria on  Feb 18, 2010

While the originators of the Agile Manifesto were led by the technology, the software community was in fact captured by the human aspects of the Agile Manifesto. 1

Building an Agile Team

Posted by Darren Hale on  Oct 20, 2009

This article describes the components of a successful team and how we built such a team. 11

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