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  • Leading a Culture of Effective Testing

    by Wes McClure on  Aug 06, 2014 3

    We all want to have confidence in the software we create. We know that testing plays an important role. Assuming we've overcome the hurdle of learning the various ways to test, what's still missing that inhibits us from having confidence in what we do? How do we go about leading a culture of effective testing?

  • Book Review and Author Q&A - Explore It! by Elisabeth Hendrickson

    by Sharon Robson on  Dec 24, 2013 1

    Elisabeth Hendrickson has released a book on the practices, techniques and mindset of exploratory testing. Sharon Robson reviewed the book and raised some questions with the author.

  • The Perfect Dev/Test Lab: 10 Principles that make it Possible

    by Rami Tamir on  Dec 12, 2013

    Software that drives the business typically takes inordinate amounts of time to develop and test. Now with new technologies able to normalize the private and public clouds the ultimate software development lab is not only feasible but cost-effective as well. To achieve hyper-agile software development, here are key principles for building the next-gen dev/test lab of enterprise DevOps’ dreams.

Your story cards are limiting your agility

Posted by Joseph Flahiff on  Sep 19, 2013

Story cards are a long-established tool for keep track of requests and populating a backlog. The way most teams use story cards actually restrict value delivery - this article suggests alternatives. 6

Book Review: ATDD By Example

Posted by Manuel Pais on  Dec 21, 2012

“ATDD By Example” value proposition was to be an introductory hands-on guide to implementing and successfully applying Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) from zero.

Why Testing Matters in Agile Projects

Posted by Sharon Robson on  Oct 02, 2012

Many think that the role of testing is dead in agile, but I think it is growing and turning into better and effective testing; redefines the way things are done and the order in which they are done. 2

The Day the QA Department Died

Posted by Eli Lopian on  Sep 24, 2012

Waterfall QA teams are slow and costly. Siloed away from developers, is QA the best way to ensure software quality? Is unit testing a better way to ensure software quality? 11

Interview and Book Review: How Google Tests Software

Posted by Craig Smith on  Sep 11, 2012

"How Google Tests Software" is an informative and interesting look beneath the covers of how a large technical organization like Google deals with the complexity of software testing. 1

Test automation and Continuous Delivery

Posted by Ranjan D Sakalley on  Oct 21, 2011

This article shows how automating certain programmable aspects of a test suite can help software delivery. Covered are automated testing, costs per deployment, tests as documentation & manual testing. 6

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