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  • The Accidental Agilist: A Personal Look Back at 10 Years of the Agile Manifesto

    by Johanna Rothman on  Mar 03, 2011

    Johanna Rothman reflects on her journey to pragmatic agility. She discusses the way in which agile practices work together to improve project outcomes, and how this is not restricted to software development. She challenges teams to embrace the transparency that agile brings and stop talking about becoming agile and start doing it properly.

  • Reflections on the 10 Years Since the Agile Manifesto

    by Mike Cohn on  Feb 23, 2011 2

    Mike Cohn reflects on the changes in software development over the last 10 years, as agile has gone from fringe to mainstream and his hopes that we will move from seeing agile as something different or special, to being simply the way we work. In the same way that the Magna Carta influences our lives without being in the forefront of thinking so the Agile Manifesto should fade into the background

  • Agile 10 Years On

    by James Coplien on  Feb 18, 2011 4

    James Coplien looks from the hacker culture of the 1960s, through objects in the 1980s and forward to the future to put the Agile Mainfesto in context of the 20 year cycle of fashion and change. He argues against mindless adherence to a particular set of rules and tools and for carefully thought out application of good practices that support the production of good quality software products.

A Personal Reflection on Agile Ten Years On

Posted by Stephen J. Mellor on  Feb 11, 2011

Stephen J Mellor is one of the original signatories of the Manifesto. His focus is on the use of models in software development works to overcome the perceived conflict between Agile and modelling. 6

"Flirting" With Your Customers

Posted by Jenni (Dow) Jepsen on  Nov 20, 2009

This article shows how flirting skills can be used to improve interactions in the workplace. 13

Book Excerpt: Agile Software Development, 2nd ed.

Posted by Alistair Cockburn on  Oct 30, 2006

InfoQ presents Chapter 1 of Alistair Cockburn's updated classic. He compares software development with another team-cooperative game - rock climbing - to help us think differently about how we work. 1

Do Agile Practices Make it an Agile Project?

Posted by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Oct 17, 2006

InfoQ editor Deborah Hartmann challenges agile practitioners to consider: are our practices still aligned with the Agile Manifesto? 15

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