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  • The Real Question is Why?

    by Gordon Weir and Russ Miles on  Apr 08, 2013 2

    The Agile movement has driven a revolutionary change in the way we build and deliver software solutions. In the past few years Agile frameworks have become mainstream. Agile has solved the problems of the 90's and early 2000's. Now a new kind of problem is emerging that needs an equally elegant solution, how do we build the right solution? Do we know Why we are building it?

  • Communicate Business Value to Your Stakeholders

    by Jenni Jepsen on  Mar 05, 2012 2

    Often project leaders—even Agile project leaders—talk about their projects in terms of features. Yes, and what do features really mean for stakeholders? Features are what your system or process can do. Benefits are why people care. And benefits equal business value. Learn why and how to communicate benefits rather than features—and what it will mean for you, your team and your organization.

  • Feature Injection: three steps to success

    by Chris Matts & Gojko Adzic on  Dec 14, 2011 2

    Often Customers provide half baked solutions with no linkage to value. An Agile team needs examples linked to the Business Value they provide. Feature Injection is a process that takes a half baked solution identifies the Business Value it provides and then produces a set of examples driven from that value.

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