• Adding Flexibility to your REST Implementation with Yoga

    by Corby Page on  Jun 27, 2013 16

    In cases when one desires to provide fine-grained control over the structure of the document responses based on the needs of their clients, Yoga is an open source alternative that integrates with existing REST applications. Yoga provides clients the ability to use selectors, which can be used as projection, selection and join relational operators.

  • Building FlightCaster's Frontends for the Web and Smartphones

    by Werner Schuster on  Sep 18, 2009

    In part two of InfoQ's interview with the FlightCaster team, we discuss scaling Rails on Heroku, the problems of integrating data from multiple providers and mobile smartphone applications.

  • Flex for XML and JSON

    by Jack Herrington on  Oct 12, 2008 2

    Platforms need interoperability. In this article Flex interoperability with JSON and XML is explored. The article including mapping of XML to chart and grid components using the E4X library. It also demonstrates using the as3core library to decode JSON messages.

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