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  • Interview with Sanjiva Weerawarana: Debunking REST/WS-* Myths

    by Stefan Tilkov on  Feb 16, 2007 39

    InfoQ had a chance to talk to WS-* expert and WSO2 CEO Sanjiva Weerawarana, one of the fathers and a firm advocate of the WS-* architectural vision, we questioned him on the WS-* platform and his views on Microsoft's role in standardization. Sanjiva also took the opportunity to address "WS-* and REST myths".

  • Messaging Interop with JMS & Spring.NET

    by Mark Pollack on  Feb 13, 2007 10

    Message oriented middleware has long been a popular choice to integrate diverse platforms. Using MOM as a basis for communication between .NET and Java this article demonstrates interoperability between a .NET client and a Java middle tier using the JMS support in the Spring framework, available for .NET as well as Java, to provide a common programming model across both tiers of the application.

  • Interview: Pete Lacey Criticizes Web Services

    by Stefan Tilkov on  Dec 12, 2006 31

    Pete Lacey, formerly working with Systinet and now with Burton Group, recently became well-known in the SOA community because of a series of blog posts starting with a very funny one entitled "S stands for Simple". In this interview, Pete talks to InfoQ about the problems he sees with Web services in general, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI, as well as advanced standards from the WS-* family.

Using SEDA to Ensure Service Availability

Posted by Rune Schumann, Rune Peter Bjornstad on  Oct 11, 2006

A new strategy for incorporating event driven architecture for scalability and availability of services in the context of SOA. Actual implementation is described in the context of Mule. 5

Java, .NET, But Why Together?

Posted by Ted Neward on  Oct 05, 2006

The Java vs. NET war is over. Ted Neward looks at how we can leverage the strengths of each together, such as MS Office as a rich client over J2EE, or WPF Gui's over Java POJO's, and more. 19

ESB Roundup Part two: ESB Use Cases

Posted by Miko Matsumura on  Jul 12, 2006

This is the second part of InfoQ's ESB series, an exploration of the Enterprise Service Bus. The focus is use cases for ESB --referencing analysts, survey research and community feedback. 27

Evolutionary integration with ESBs

Posted by Rune Schumann, Kjetil Paulsen on  Jun 01, 2006

A primer on ESB programming using the open source Mule ESB. Concepts and code sufficient to create an alerting service including endpoint adapters, transformations and core service logic. 7

Simple JAVA and .NET SOA interoperability

Posted by Paul Hammant, Ian Cartwright, ThoughtWorks, Inc on  May 12, 2006

.NET and Java interop can be made really simple using a REST document centric approach. This article demonstrates REST for interop as well as POST-REST. 4

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