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  • Breaking Down Walls, Building Bridges, and Takin’ Out the Trash

    by Lisamarie Babik and Richard Sheridan on  Dec 22, 2010 9

    Agile Team Rooms can help double the productivity of an Agile Team. Most people are familiar with the Caves and Commons approach where the team has a common area on the inside of the room and private desks on the outside. Some teams dispense with the private spaces in the room, but few go as far as Menlo dispensing with the rooms altogether.

  • Use of Kanban in the Operations Team at Spotify

    by Michael Prokop, Mattias Jansson on  Sep 14, 2010 1

    In this article, InfoQ spoke with Mattias Jansson, Operations Engineer at Spotify (an online music streaming service) about the adoption of Kanban by the Spotify Operations team. Jansson offered a lot of detail about the choice to adopt Kanban as well as the experiences that the Operations team at Spotify has gained while implementing a Kanban-based approach to dealing with their workload.

  • Skills for Scrum Agile Teams

    by Prasad Prabhakaran on  Jul 26, 2010 16

    The skills required to be hyper-productive in agile projects are different from those required by a traditional one. This article identifies behavioral and technical skills required for a team to have that edge. Anyone who acquires these "delta" traits should be equipped with the right set of behavioral and technical skills, which enable them to work effectively in an agile project.

Fred Brooks on The Design of Design: Interview and Excerpt

Posted by Dave West on  Jun 30, 2010

A review of Frederick P. Brooks' latest book, The Design of Design. Few individuals have had as much influence on the 'practice' of software development, and his newest book adds valuable insights. 10

Agile Teamwork: The Leadership - Self-management Dilemma

Posted by Rowan McCann on  Jan 05, 2010

Self-managed teams are unstable and are successful when the ‘Leadership – Self-Management’ dilemma is understood and dealt with. 5

Virtual Panel: The evolution of bug trackers

Posted by Dio Synodinos on  Sep 03, 2009

InfoQ has conducted a virtual panel with people from JIRA, FogBugz, Basecamp and MantisBT about the evolution of bug trackers and the future developments in this field. 3

Scaling Agile with C/ALM (Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management)

Posted by Carolyn Pampino, Erich Gamma, and John Wiegand on  Jun 29, 2009

IBM Rational and InfoQ present, Scaling Agile with C/ALM, an eBook showing organizations how to become “finely tuned software delivery machines” by enabling team integration and scaling. 6

The Hidden Face of Agile

Posted by Mukund Srinivasan on  Jun 23, 2009

This hidden side of an Agile transformation includes many soft skills that are at least as important as the more visible practices of Agile adoption. 4

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