On the Relationship between Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online

by Jonathan Allen on  Mar 16, 2015

The March 10th update to Visual Studio Online illustrates some of the important relationships between it and Team Foundation Server. These two products share most of the same code and feature set, but their release cycles couldn’t be more different.

On the Future of TFS Version Control

by Jonathan Allen on  Mar 13, 2015 1

With all the news about git in Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server, it isn’t hard to see why many developers think that TFVC, the centralized version control inside TFS is a dead product. Brain Harry, the Product Manager for TFS, recently addressed these concerns.

Right Sizing Visual Studio Online Pricing

by Jeff Martin on  Dec 18, 2014

Whether it is due to the advent of the cloud or simply a desire to see if it is a better business model, software licensing has been moving towards a subscription-based system. In an effort to better attract customers, Microsoft has announced several pricing changes to Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server that should lower monthly project costs.

Pieter Gheysens on Visual Studio Release Management

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Jan 29, 2014

Visual Studio Release Management enables you to create workflows using Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server. In an exclusive interview with InfoQ, Pieter Gheysens shares more information about VSRM.

TFS 2013 Power Tools Adds Check-in policies, Process Template Editor, Windows PowerShell Cmdlets

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Sep 20, 2013

Microsoft recently released Team Foundation Server 2013 Power Tools which includes best practices analyzer, check-in policies, process template editor, storyboard shapes, command line tool, Windows PowerShell Cmdlets, Windows Shell extension and work item templates.

Team Explorer Everywhere 2012 Update 3 Released with Support for Eclipse and FreeBSD

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Jul 06, 2013

Microsoft has released Team Explorer Everywhere 2012 Update 3 with several bug fixes, updates in addition to support for Eclipse and FreeBSD.

MobileCloud for TFS Enables you to test Windows Phone, Android, iOS and BlackBerry Applications

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Jun 18, 2013 2

MobileCloud for TFS, recently released by Perfecto Mobile provides an ability test Windows Phone, Android, iOS and BlackBerry based mobile applications directly from Team Foundation Server in addition to test, execute, report, track and collaborate projects.

The Emergence of Visual Studio 2013

by Jeff Martin on  Jun 05, 2013 2

Less than 9 months after the release of Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft has announced that Visual Studio 2013 will be released this year. InfoQ looks at what has been announced so far.

Final Preview of Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 Released

by Jeff Martin on  Mar 06, 2013

The anticipated final preview of VS2012/TFS2012 Update 2 has been released. It brings a few more updates including the highlighting of the new LightSwitch HTML client.

Visual Studio Gets Git

by Jeff Martin on  Jan 31, 2013

Git, the popular open source distributed version control system is now natively supported by Visual Studio 2012 and the Team Foundation Service. Microsoft's new plug in provides native support and provides an alternative to the centralized source control model.

Windows Azure Updates: Job Scheduler, Command Line Support, ACS and Media

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Jan 09, 2013 1

Microsoft recently released several updates for Windows Azure with background job scheduler, addition of North Europe region, mobile support for command line tool and support for SQL Data Sync services.

Power Tools Update 1 for TFS 2012 with Backup and Restore Tool

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Dec 29, 2012

Microsoft recently released Power Tools Update 1 for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 with Backup and Restore Tool including set of additional enhancements.

Team Explorer Everywhere Update 1 with Public Workspaces Support

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Dec 24, 2012

Microsoft released Team Explorer Everywhere Update 1 for Team Foundation Server with Chinese language pack and support for public workspaces.

.NET Compact Framework 3.9 with Visual Studio 2012 Support

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Nov 18, 2012 3

Microsoft will release .NET Compact Framework 3.9 (NETCF 3.9) in the upcoming build of Windows Embedded Compact 2013 with improved start-up time, enhanced memory utilization, Visual Studio 2012 support and new garbage collector.

How TFS Embraced 3-Week Release Cycles

by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 31, 2012

Buck Hodges argues that long release cycles lead to unhealthy development practices for the Team Foundation Server team, but there is more to short release cycles than just shipping with each sprint. Other changes in how software is planned and developed is needed, including the ability to disable new features rather than fixing them.

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