Web 3.0 - Cult or Culture?

by Michael Stal on  Jul 02, 2011 1

In a recent article by Jonathan Strickland for HowStuffWorks the author addresses Web 3.0. This "long anticipated and disruptive new technology" is supposed to increase the possibilities of users and providers. But what exactly is the Web 3.0?

HTML 5 and CSS 3 Support for Expression Web

by Jonathan Allen on  Mar 25, 2011

Microsoft has released an update to Expression Web 4 to support HTML 5 and CSS 3 development. This update, part of Service Pack 1, is only a partial solution; it offers IntelliSense and error-checking support but with only partial preview support. This update also includes expanded support for PHP IntelliSense.

Is ASP.NET MVC Inappropriate for User Interface Designers?

by Jonathan Allen on  Feb 15, 2011 17

While ASP.NET MVC has made great strides in making development easier, in a post titled “ASP.NET MVC Is the New ASP” Michael Taylor argues that it actually makes it harder on user interface designers.

Layout and Presentation Advice for the UX Designer

by Abel Avram on  Nov 12, 2010

Shane Morris, a former Microsoft UX Evangelist and currently an independent UX Architect, held a session called “Pimp My App” at TechEd Australia 2010, presenting 5 things to know before starting to create a UX, 4 steps for creating a good layout, and 6 tips on how to make a product look great.

Constantine on combining Agile and User Experience

by Shane Hastie on  Oct 17, 2010 1

Usability and Teamwork author and consultant Larry Constantine recently wrote two articles about the “Interfaith Marriage” between experience design and agile development. He examines the inherent conflict between the agile and UX perspectives and provides some concrete advice on how to integrate the two into a creative and productive union.

Agile 2010 - Make Stuff People Can Use

by Shane Hastie on  Sep 04, 2010

There were a number of sessions at Agile 2010 focused on usability and user experience. Samantha Starmer from REI presented a session titled "Make stuff people can use" that provided practical advice and pragmatic ideas on bringing usability into agile projects, even when there isn't a usability expert as a member of the team.

Microsoft Ribbon for WPF

by Jonathan Allen on  Aug 04, 2010 13

Microsoft has released a new preview of their WPF-based Ribbon control. Though not the final version, it includes a go live license and a copy of the source code. The quality is quite high and it appears that all of the bugs and API design flaws from last year’s preview have been corrected. While the source code is available, the license only permits read-only access for debugging purposes.

Software Programming as Craft

by Dave West on  Aug 02, 2010 8

The Cutter IT Journal recently published a special issue on software craftsmanship that included articles on what it means to be a software craftsman, software engineering vs. software craft, the relationship between Agile and craftsmanship, and crafting the user experience.

Wireframes or No Wireframes

by Vikas Hazrati on  Jun 01, 2010 5

The adage "A picture is worth a thousand words", is sometimes forgotten in the Agile world. At least, this is what many designers on Agile teams believe. In some teams, designers are required to create small increments of the design and this process does not necessarily produce the best results. For other teams wireframes are considered to be bureaucracy which gets in the way of development.

Top Usability Books for Programmers

by Vikas Hazrati on  May 18, 2010 2

Most programmers would strive hard to build a robust product with Agile practices and clean code. However, the focus on usability leaves much to be desired. This is despite the well known fact that a good user interface design can spell the difference between acceptance of a software product and its failure. If the end users do not like the UI then the product has little chance of success.

Harmonizing Agile With "User-Centered Design"

by Mike Bria on  Mar 17, 2010 6

UX specialist Anthony Colfelt presents a case for how agile, alone, might not be sufficient and a thorough and engaging look into how User-Centered Design can, and should, be merged with it.

Where has the innovation gone?

by Shane Hastie on  Oct 23, 2009 6

Some commentators are questioning the level of innovation happening in the Agile space. Does iterative and incremental development lead us away from innovation towards reusing old solutions, building on what we already know rather than creating truly "out of the box" solutions. Adding an R&D stream is suggested as a way to bring innovation into Agile projects.

Evaluating the 'Ease of Use'

by Vikas Hazrati on  Jun 16, 2009

Mostly usability of a system is ascertained on gut feel rather than being based on some statistical analysis. In a recent discussion on the Agile Usability group, members discuss various ways to evaluate system usability in an objective manner.

Scott Guthrie on Web Technologies During MIX 09

by Abel Avram on  Feb 17, 2009

In an interview held by Channel 9, Scott Guthrie talks about MIX 2009, Silverlight 3, upcoming VS 2010 Tools for Silverlight, and Expression.

Presentation: Agile Methods and User Centered Design

by Abel Avram on  Feb 03, 2009

In this presentation filmed during ThoughtWorks’ Quarterly Technology Briefing, Dave Robertson and John Johnston explain what the Agile and User Centered Design’s (UCD) common denominators are, common values being the most important one in their opinion.

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