• Evaluating Agile and Scrum with Other Software Methodologies

    by Capers Jones on  Mar 20, 2013 19

    Historical data is a key resource for judging the effectiveness of software process improvement methods and also for calibrating software estimation accuracy. In this article, Capers Jones compares Agile and Scrum with a sample of contemporary software development methods using several standard metrics.

  • Agile in the Defense Industry

    by Jeff Plummer on  Oct 29, 2012

    The Defense Industry is often viewed as a very “non-Agile” culture. Teams, organized along strict hierarchical boundaries, seldom collaborate freely and are forced to communicate through the handoff of contract-specified artifacts. In this article, Jeff Plummer shares his experience with successfully applying Agile principles and practices to his team working in the Defense Industry.

  • Integrating Agile into a Waterfall World

    by Joseph Flahiff on  Jun 06, 2011 10

    Joseph Flahiff maintains that agile values principles and practices can be integrated into in a waterfall environment to improve project predictability and ultimate success. He offers three keys that the project manager must use to successfully unlock the power of agile to improve project delivery.

Why Agile Adoption Fails in Some Organizations

Posted by Christopher Goldsbury on  Nov 04, 2009

This article examines and explains the often overlooked organizational reasons that agile fails. 16

Interview: Jim Johnson of the Standish Group

Posted by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Aug 25, 2006

The creator of the CHAOS Chronicles, Standish Group founder and chairman Jim Johnson, spent some time with InfoQ discussing his research, and the role of Agile in changing the IT industry. 11

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