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The Future With AMQP

Posted by Matthew Arrott  on  May 04, 2012 Posted by Matthew Arrott Follow 0 Followers  on  May 04, 2012

Matthew Arrott considers that messaging is at the heart of distributed computing transforming the network into a destination through process choreography and cooperation.

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AMQP 1.0 Core Features

Posted by Robert Godfrey  on  Apr 23, 2012 Posted by Robert Godfrey Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 23, 2012

Robert Godfrey discusses the requirements set at AMQP’s foundation: Applicability, Reliability, Fidelity, Interoperability, Manageability, Ubiquity, explaining how AMQP was designed for the future.


Application Performance Monitoring with AMQP 1.0

Posted by Marc Borbas  on  Apr 16, 2012 Posted by Marc Borbas Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 16, 2012

Marc Borbas discusses the importance of Application Performance Monitoring, explaining how it can be done with AMQP.


Your Cloud and RabbitMQ

Posted by Alexis Richardson  on  Apr 12, 2012 Posted by Alexis Richardson Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 12, 2012

Alexis Richardson discusses how messaging is performed in the cloud from a Management, Integration, Scale and Federation perspective, demoing vFabric RabbitMQ’s implementation of AMQP.


StormMQ – Cloud-based Message Queues

Posted by Ross Cooney  on  Mar 30, 2012 Posted by Ross Cooney Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 30, 2012

Ross Cooney presents a case study of how Smith Electric Vehicles uses StormMQ in production. StormMQ is a cloud-based provider of secure AMQP services.


From Small Beginnings to a Great Destination - AMQP 1.0

Posted by John Camilleri  on  Mar 23, 2012 Posted by John Camilleri Follow 0 Followers , Kim Palko Follow 0 Followers , Carl Trieloff Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 23, 2012

Carl Trieloff, Kim Palko and John Camilleri present how AMQP was born and how it has been embraced by various industries, and how it is used by RedHat and Green Energy.


AMQP and Windows Azure Service Bus

Posted by David Ingham  on  Mar 15, 2012 Posted by David Ingham Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 15, 2012

David Ingham previews the support provided by Windows Azure Service Bus for AMQP.


AMQP in Financial Service

Posted by Hanno Klein  on  Mar 05, 2012 Posted by Hanno Klein Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 05, 2012

Hanno Klein explains how AMQP is used by Deutsche Börse and where it fits within their strategy.


Keynote: AMQP 1.0

Posted by John O’Hara  on  Mar 02, 2012 Posted by John O’Hara Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 02, 2012

John O’Hara keynotes on reasons for organizations to embrace AMQP, how the ecosystem has developed so far, and how AMQP manages to provide the means for secure multi-vendor messaging.