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  • API Design Principles and Process at Slack

    An article explaining the API design principles and process used at Slack was recently published in the Slack Engineering blog. It explains the six design principles used at Slack to design their APIs while keeping simplicity, security, scalability and the developer experience in mind. A four-step review and testing process exists to enforce these principles, with some flexibility.

  • API Design-First Using the "Align-Define-Design-Refine" Process

    The API consultant James Higginbotham wrote recently about the advantages of adopting an API design-first approach using the “Align-Define-Design-Refine” (ADDR) process. ADDR is an iterative process meant to guide its adopters through such API design-first techniques. Designing an API iteratively while ensuring that all stakeholders are actively involved is essential to agility in development.

  • The HTTP API Space is Consolidating around OAS

    MuleSoft has become member of OAI and released the API Modeling Framework that understands both RAML and OAS. Restlet Studio now supports RAML.

  • Microsoft Graph Unifies Access to All APIs

    At the Microsoft Build conference in San Francisco, InfoQ had the opportunity to speak with Gareth Jones, API architect for the Microsoft Graph API which aims at making life easier for developers by providing a unified API endpoint. With the prevalence of Microsoft products in most businesses around the world, it is interesting to see how Microsoft solves this issue at their scale.

  • Interview with Founder on the Future of API Documentation

    Documentation, one of the great neglected areas of software development, is finally getting some attention, with a number of relatively new tools. For an API documentation can be considered essential. Gregory Koberger is working on a system with the intent of connecting developer documentation more directly to APIs and the API dashboard.

  • Founder of API Blueprint Discusses Progress

    API languages are in their infancy and API developers are actively using API Blueprint, RAML, and Swagger. Together, as a community, developers are defining the standards that will be used in the future. InfoQ recently had the opportunity to talk to Jakub Nesetril, creator of the API Blueprint project and CEO of Apiary.

  • RAML Founder Talks About the API Industry: Governance, Technology, and Acquisitions

    InfoQ had the opportunity to interview Uri Sarid, creator of another famous API language, the RAML project. Uri is also CTO of MuleSoft and we appreciate that he was generous with his time to help the community understand RAML’s technology and governance, share his view of the SmartBear acquisition of Swagger, and provide interesting comparison points between RAML, Swagger and API Blueprint.