Jeff Patton on User Centered Design and Story Mapping

Interview with Jeff Patton Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 26, 2010 3

Jeff Patton describes the different ways Agile teams deal with users and then digs in deep into story mapping. Jeff says: "For me, the story mapping thing is going back to using the story as a genuine conversation to actually drive understanding of the system, not as what I've seen it become – molecular conversation about the details of a particular feature and how we're going to test it.


Amr Elssamadisy on Making Agile Stick

Interview with Amr Elssamadisy Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 17, 2010 2

Amr Elssamadisy talks about what makes Agile stick. Before Agile practices, before Lean or Scrum, it is important to have a team of individuals who know how to deal with problems, people who are ready to recognize a problem they have and know how to confront it.


Mary Poppendieck Introduces the Book "Leading Lean Software Development"

Interview with Mary Poppendieck Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 10, 2010 1

Mary Poppendieck talks about her last book "Leading Lean Software Development", a book for the product, program and all C-level managers, showing them how to apply agile principles and practices starting from the realization that development teams are not successful if they are not in the same boat with their managers.


Henrik Kniberg on Different Agile Processes

Interview with Henrik Kniberg Follow 24 Followers on  Jan 23, 2010 6

Henrik Kniberg discusses the differences among different Agile processes such as Scrum, XP, and Kanban. He shares the thought that processes wars are meaningless and we need to see each process as a tool; there are no bad tools; just tools used for the wrong purpose.


Pollyanna Pixton on Agile Leadership

Interview with Pollyanna Pixton Follow 0 Followers on  Jan 09, 2010

Pollyanna Pixton talks about leadership, especially leading Agile teams, but more importantly what senior leaders do to help support their Agile teams in their organizations. She focuses on how leaders that are command and control can stay out of the way, step back and let teams and everyone below them make their own decisions and take ownership and deliver.


Rebecca Wirfs-Brock on Agile Design and Architecture

Interview with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 17, 2009 2

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock talks about different techniques that are useful for Agile teams to create and maintain good design and architecture. She discusses the use of light weight techniques, such as the use of CRC cards for thinking about and discussing design regularly. She also discusses evolutionary and emergent design and the importance of doing things at the responsible moment.


Dan Mezick on Group Relations, Agile Games, and the Agile-PMI Initiative

Interview with Dan Mezick Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 03, 2009

Dan describes the importance of group relations to Agile adoption and how an awareness of group dynamics can help keep energy focused on the task at hand. He also suggests how Agile games can be used to prepare for an upcoming agile adoption by revealing an individual's willingness to participate fully. Finally, hshares his views on the new PMI-Agile community.


Christopher Avery on Responsibility

Interview with Christopher Avery Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 19, 2009 6

Christopher Avery explains why personal responsibility is a foundational skill for any and all teams and shares his model for personal responsibility and how this affects individuals and teams in the workplace. He goes further with several concrete tips on how to form successful, high performing teams.


Linda Rising on Placebos

Interview with Linda Rising Follow 3 Followers on  Oct 27, 2009 11

Linda Rising tells us about the effectiveness of placebos and the strength of our beliefs in medicine and how these same things might relate to software development. Is Agile software development just a placebo effect? Do we get better results because we expect and believe things will get better? Or is there something more to Agile?


Interview: Joshua Kerievsky on System Metaphor

Interview with Joshua Kerievsky Follow 3 Followers on  Oct 13, 2009

In this interview at Agile 2009, Joshua Kerievsky describes how his team was able to transform their software development project once they found and used an appropriate system metaphor. Joshua also shares how his development team has let go of many traditional practices and continues to refine their skills such that they are delivering more value regularly.


Tobias Mayer discusses WelfareCSM and Scrum

Interview with Tobias Mayer Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 07, 2009 3

Tobias Mayer talks about the philosophy behind WelfareCSM, unbounded vs bounded creativity, the application of Scrum outside of software development, Kanban vs Scrum, the benefits of fast-failing, software development as an artitistic endeavour, software craftsmanship and XP, test-driven development, and the done state.

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