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  • Java News Roundup: Payara Platform 6, Spring Updates and CVEs, Asynchronous Stack Trace VM API

    This week's Java roundup for October 31st, 2022, features news from OpenJDK, JDK 20, JavaFX 20, GZC 20, Spring Framework milestone, point and release candidates, Payara Platform 6, Micronaut 3.7.3, MicroProfile 6.0-RC2, Hibernate ORM point releases, Apache TomEE 9.0-RC1, Apache Camel 3.18.3, GraalVM Native Build Tools 0.9.17, JReleaser 1.3.1, JobRunr 5.3.1, JDKMon 17.0.39 and J-Fall 2022.

  • Java News Roundup: OpenJDK Updates, JDK 20 Release Schedule, GraalVM 22.3, JReleaser 1.3.0

    This week's Java roundup for October 24th, 2022, features news from OpenJDK, JDK 20 release schedule, Build 20-loom+20-34, Spring Integration 6.0-RC1, Spring Tools 4.16.1, GraalVM 22.3, Open Liberty and, Eclipse Vert.x 3.9.14, Apache TomEE 8.0.13, JReleaser 1.3.0, Hibernate Search 5.11.11 and 5.10.13, PrimeFaces point releases, JDKMon 17.0.37 and EclipseCon 2022.

  • Java News Roundup: Vector API, Spring Updates and CVE, Payara Platform, Groovy and TomEE Updates

    This week's Java roundup for April 18th, 2022, features news from OpenJDK, JEP 426, Oracle’s Releases Critical Patch Update for April 2022, JDK 19, Liberica JDK and Native Image Kit updates, multiple Spring point and milestone releases, April 2022 Payara Platform release, Quarkus 2.8.1.Final, Apache Groovy 4.0.2, Apache TomEE 8.0.11, JobRunr 5.0.1, and an update to JReleaser 1.0.

  • Apache Releases TomEE 7.1 with Support for Java 8 and MicroProfile 1.2

    The Apache TomEE community has released TomEE 7.1, a significant upgrade featuring support for Java SE 8 and MicroProfile 1.2. TomEE 7.1 serves as a gateway release for TomEE 8 that will be compliant with Java EE 8/JakartaEE and MicroProfile 1.3. David Blevins, founder and CEO of Tomitribe, spoke to InfoQ about this latest release.

  • Apache TomEE Jumps to 1.5 With New Database Connection Pool and Scripting Options

    The Apache Software Foundation has announced the release of Apache TomEE version 1.5, its Java EE 6 Web Profile certified version of Tomcat. The bump in version number (the 1.0 release only happened in May) reflects the large number of fixes and updates included in the new release.

  • Apache TomEE 1.0 Released

    The Apache Software Foundation has released Apache TomEE 1.0. Apache TomEE, pronounced "Tommy", is a Java EE 6 Web Profile certified all-Apache stack available under the Apache 2.0 license. TomEE is composed of Tomcat (Servlet, JSP, JSTL), OpenWebBeans (CDI), OpenEJB (EJB), OpenJPA (JPA), MyFaces (JSF), Geronimo Transaction (JTA), Geronimo JavaMail (Javamail) and Apache Bean Validation.