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  • Microsoft Announces the General Availability of Azure Data Box Disk

    In a recent blog post, Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure Data Box Disk, an SSD-based solution for offline data transfer to Azure. Furthermore, Microsoft also announced the public preview of Azure Data Box Blob Storage – a feature allowing customers to copy data to Blob Storage on a Data Box.

  • Google Cloud Announces Transfer Appliance in Beta for Cloud Data Migrations in the EU

    Google announced that Transfer Appliance, a high-capacity server that lets customers move large amounts of data to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) quickly and securely, is available in beta in the European Union (EU). Google will handle the data transfer with Transfer Appliance in GCP in the EU, and data will not leave the EU.

  • Amazon Announces AWS Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance

    Amazon has announced their AWS Storage Gateway hardware appliance, which provides hybrid storage between on-premises applications and AWS’ storage services. By providing a hardware appliance, Amazon gives a preconfigured solution to cache data locally while synchronizing with the cloud.

  • NY Announces New High School for Software Engineering

    Mayor Bloomberg announced recently the opening of a high school for software engineering in New York. The school will be located in Union Square. The main driver behind this idea has been Mike Zemansky, a computer science teacher. According to Bloomberg this is part of a bigger strategy where New York will open new Career and Technical Education Schools in the next years.

  • IBM Announces the WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance

    BM recently announced its WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance a device that facilitates the creation, deployment, and administration of private WebSphere cloud environments. The appliance offers virtual image from which complete WebSphere Application Server topologies can be constructed to create patterns as representations of fully functional WebSphere Application Server environments.

  • Solo: Engine Yard on Amazon EC2

    Solo is a new offering from Engine Yard to run their software stack on Amazon EC2. We talked to Engine Yard's founder and architect Jayson Vantuyl to learn the differences between Solo and their present hosting services and what their target audience is.