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  • Architecture with 800 of My Closest Friends: The Evolution of Comcast’s Architecture Guild

    Comcast has cultivated an Architecture Guild, with the goal of "threading the needle" between obtaining advantageous critical mass around certain common technologies without undermining individual teams' agency.  The Architecture Guild is a grassroots framework that has been used to cut across organizational boundaries to identify solid, workable, default recommendations.

  • Sustainable Architectural Design Decisions

    Software architects must create designs that can endure throughout software evolution. In this article, based on a research study the authors discuss the criteria that can help architects assess architectural design decisions’ sustainability. They describe the challenges to achieving sustainable decisions, criteria for such decisions, solutions they tried, and lessons learned.

  • Book on Solving Enterprise Applications Performance Puzzles by Leonid Grinshpan

    Performance is one of the most critical attributes for enterprise applications. Even though not mentioned explicitly, properties such as response time or throughput are key issues that decide about user acceptance.Leonid Grinshpan, PhD and Consulting Director at Oracle Corporation, has dedicated his book "Solving Enterprise Applications Performance Puzzles" to this topic.

  • Trust is good, Control is better - Software Architecture Assessment

    Testing is an important means to obtain information about implementations. Likewise, code reviews help to keep the code quality high. What is very common for code, gets sometimes neglected for software architecture. But how can a project team test the architecture itself? Software architecture assessment represents an effective approach for introspecting and assessing software design.

  • Interview and Book Excerpt: George Fairbanks’ Just Enough Software Architecture

    Just Enough Software Architecture book, by author George Fairbanks, focuses on a risk-driven approach to software architecture development. George explains Architecture Modeling process from different perspectives such as Engineering Use Models, Conceptual, Domain, Design and Code Models. InfoQ spoke with George about the book and his thesis project on design fragments in software framework.