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    Async Streams in C# 8

    by Bassam Alugili Follow 2 Followers on  Sep 05, 2018 7

    Asynchronous programming is an important technique for many modern apps to improve responsiveness. C# 8 debuts Async Streams, which allows an async method return multiple values. Bassam Alugili provides an informative introduction to this new technique.

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    Rescuing Checked Exceptions in Asynchronous Java Code

    by Dario Crivelli Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 15, 2014 6

    Java checked exceptions are a handy abstraction for a sequential workflow. When thread switches are introduced, even though the exception abstraction remains valid at the description level, the syntax support is no longer available. This article investigates how to overcome that syntactical limitation.

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    Improving Your Asynchronous Code Using Tasks, Async and Await

    by Dave Marini Follow 0 Followers on  May 06, 2014 2

    Dave Marini delves into the history of asynchronous programming on the .NET platform, tracing through the early days of the Asynchronous Programming Model to today’s async/await patterns.


The Book of F# - Review and Interview with Dave Fancher

Posted by Anand Narayanaswamy Follow 0 Followers on  Apr 08, 2014

The book of F#, authored by Dave Fancher examines the concepts associated with F# with the help of comprehensive explanation and relevant source codes. 1


Book Review and Interview: Real World OCaml

Posted by Werner Schuster Follow 9 Followers on  Jan 08, 2014

The new book Real World OCaml provides a deep dive into the OCaml programming language. InfoQ caught up with the authors to hear about real world Ocaml users, its unique features, and much more.


PyParallel: A Fast Parallel Version of Python

Posted by Jonathan Allen Follow 634 Followers on  Dec 23, 2013

By combining asynchronous I/O with a shared-nothing architecture, PyParallel research project is able to execute code in a parallel context faster than it can using CPython’s normal interpreter. 1


Node.js in Action: Interview and Book Excerpt

Posted by Dio Synodinos Follow 4 Followers on  Oct 11, 2011

Node.js in Action by Mike Cantelon and TJ Holowaychuk, is a book that tries to introduce the platform to web developers coming to Node from established technologies such as Ruby on Rails and PHP. 1