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  • An Open Source Ajax Shootout

    InfoWorld columnist Peter Wayner recently reviewed six of the most popular open source Ajax toolkits. He was curious if they were enterprise ready in comparison to commercial products such Backbase, JackBe, and Tibco's General Interface. The six open source projects covered were selected because each has a high-profile in the developer community and support of one or more stable organizations.

  • Atlas June CTP Released

    Microsoft has released a new Community Tech Preview (CTP) of Atlas, Microsoft's AJAX framework for ASP.NET. Note that Atlas can also be used with other web technoloogies such as PHP or ColdFusion via the Atlas client-script libraries.

  • Real World Apps with Atlas Codecamp Video Published

    Wrox author Wally McClure, was a featured speaker at Atlanta Code Camp on May 13, 2006, and presented a 43-minute, on-screen demo of building an Atlas application, that is now available for viewing. The video gives a good introduction of what is possible with Atlas.