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  • Avalonia Reaches v11 GA Release

    Beginning this month, the Avalonia team announced the release of version 11.0 of their framework, bringing significant changes and new features. These changes include features like automated testing capabilities, improved accessibility support, the introduction of Input Method Editor (IME) support for text input, and advanced text rendering and layout options.

  • Avalonia UI v11 Release Candidate 1: Breaking Changes and API Stabilization

    The Avalonia UI team made an announcement regarding the anticipated version 11 Release Candidate 1. In their official release post, they emphasized the significance of this milestone, as it signifies a crucial step forward for the project. The primary focus of this RC is to stabilize the API, bringing the final release of v11 even closer to completion.

  • Avalonia UI for .NET: Project Overview from Mike James

    Avalonia UI is an open-source and cross-platform UI framework for .NET developers, designed to facilitate the development of desktop applications that can run on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and WebAssembly. InfoQ interviewed Mike James, CEO of Avalonia UI, in order to understand more about this UI framework and its features.

  • .NET News Roundup - Week of May 17th, 2021

    .NET News Roundup: Giraffe 5.0, Azure SDK, updates to the .NET Framework, Microsoft.Data.SqlClient, Uno Platform, and AvaloniaUI.

  • Avalonia Beta 1 Brings Many Improvements over WPF

    Avalonia describes itself as a “cross platform .NET UI framework inspired by WPF, with XAML, data binding, lookless controls and much more." Having just reached its first public beta, it is already showing some interesting improvements over the venerable WPF version of XAML.

  • An Early Look at Avalonia, a Cross-Platform UI Toolkit for .NET

    An often-cited hole in the .NET Core ecosystem is the lack of any true cross-platform UI toolkit. While there have been attempts at a multi-platform in the past such as Silverlight and Xamarin Forms, no one has yet achieved a full XAML-style cross-platform option. Avalonia is making the attempt with plans to support Windows, Linux (GTK), MacOS, Android and iOS. However, they need your help.