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    Book Excerpt and Interview: jBPM Developer Guide

    by Boris Lublinsky Follow 1 Followers on  Apr 15, 2010

    A new book by Mauricio "Salaboy" Salatino, the jBPM Developer Guide, provides a detailed jBPM programming guide for Java developers with several real-life examples. InfoQ spoke with Salatino to learn the motivations behind the book and learn from his experience both using and writing about the jBPM Business Process Management suite.

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    Interview and Book Excerpt: Eben Hewitt's Java SOA Cookbook

    by Srini Penchikala Follow 40 Followers on  Dec 07, 2009

    Java SOA Cookbook, by Eben Hewitt, covers Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) from a Java implementation stand-point. In the book, Eben discusses SOA model basics, tools and best practices. SOA Governance and Enterprise Service Bus are also discussed.

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    "SOA Governance" Revitalized

    by Miko Matsumura Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 01, 2009 12

    This article by Miko Matsumura discusses why people are pursuing SOA, whether SOA is dead, what SOA Governance is, what the relationship is to SOA itself, how it differs from management, how SOA differs from integration, and why SOA and SOA Governance continue to be significant issues for the Enterprise.


Book Review: Understanding SCA

Posted by Jean-Jacques Dubray Follow 3 Followers on  Sep 10, 2009

Jim Marino and Michael Rowley have published a practical guide to get started with SCA which covers the entire programming model from persistence to presentation.


BPMN 2.0 Virtual Roundtable Interview

Posted by Mark Little Follow 15 Followers on  Dec 25, 2008

Representatives of the BPMN 2.0 standardization effort discuss the evolution of BPMN and how it relates to other efforts such as XPDL, WS-BPEL and BPEL4People.


Why BPEL is not the holy grail for BPM

Posted by Pierre Vigneras Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 21, 2008

Pierre Vigneras looks at the problems with BPEL; including its viability as a programming language, use as a tool by end users, and the pitfalls of round trip engineering with BPMN diagrams. 29


InfoQ Interviews BPEL4People Representatives

Posted by Mark Little Follow 15 Followers on  Apr 24, 2008

In another "virtual panel session", we took the opportunity to talk with representatives of the new OASIS BPEL4People Technical Committee and get their feedback on just why we need this work. 1


Process Component Models: The Next Generation In Workflow ?

Posted by Tom Baeyens Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 04, 2008

Tom Baeyens, founder of JBoss jBPM gives his view of the state of the BPM / workflow market and introduces a new type of workflow technology called process component models. 11


An Introduction to Apache ODE

Posted by Paul Brown Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 03, 2007

In this InfoQ article, Paul Brown introduces Apache ODE, an open source implementation of the WS-BPEL 2.0 standard, along with some BPEL concepts, and shows how to deploy and execute a simple process. 9


Service Composition

Posted by Boris Lublinsky Follow 1 Followers on  Jul 26, 2007

In this article, Boris Lublinsky discusses the main approaches to service composition, both from design and implementation point of view, and outlines the benefits of using orchestration. 8


A Hard Look at the Organizational Implications of BPM

Posted by Andrew S. Townley Follow 0 Followers on  Jan 11, 2007

Andrew S. Townley examines the implications BPM (Business Process Management) approaches for SOA have, not only from a technical, but also from an organizational viewpoint.