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  • Why AWS Lambda Pricing Has to Change for the Enterprise

    AWS Lambda users pay only when their code is run. This can result in massive cost savings over long-running workloads. The advantages start to disappear quickly when AWS Lambda is employed for batch processing. Enterprises can gain significantly from the scalability of FaaS - yet a price comparison between EC2, Lambda, and Fargate, the AWS-managed container service, reveals an ugly truth.

  • Rethinking Flink’s APIs for a Unified Data Processing Framework

    Since its very early days, Apache Flink has followed the philosophy of taking a unified approach to batch and streaming. The core building block is the “continuous processing of unbounded data streams, with batch as a special, bounded set of those streams.” Recent updates to the Flink APIs include architectural designs by the community to support batch and streaming unification in Apache Flink.

  • Introducing Spring XD, a Runtime Environment for Big Data Applications

    Spring XD (eXtreme Data) is Pivotal’s Big Data play. It joins Spring Boot and Grails as part of the execution portion of the Spring IO platform. Whilst Spring XD makes use of a number of existing Spring projects it is a runtime environment rather than a library or framework, comprising a bin directory with servers that you start up and interact with via a shell.