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Women in Blockchain, AI & Emerging Technologies

Posted by Eileen Brewer  on  Jun 15, 2018 Posted by Eileen Brewer Follow 0 Followers , Holly Roland Follow 0 Followers , Emma Todd Follow 0 Followers , Jessica Groopman Follow 0 Followers , Karpagam Narayanan Follow 0 Followers , Aarthi Srinivasan Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 15, 2018

The panelists discuss the role women currently play and the future of women involved in blockchain technologies.

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When Do I Need a Blockchain? A Hands-on Comparison of Decentralized and Centralized Application Development

Posted by Michail Brynard  on  Jun 01, 2018 Posted by Michail Brynard Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 01, 2018

Michail Brynard explores the differences between apps and dapps and look at the architectural decisions behind some real-world decentralized applications, reviewing best practices and hybrid apps.

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FlexiTime Token: Building dApps with Ethereum

Posted by Alex Batlin  on  May 27, 2018 Posted by Alex Batlin Follow 0 Followers  on  May 27, 2018

Alex Batlin talks about dApp in Ethereum, what it is and how it can help us track pre-bought time as tokens on blockchain.

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Introducing FlureeDB, The World's First ACID-Compliant Blockchain Database

Posted by Brian Platz  on  May 25, 2018 Posted by Brian Platz Follow 0 Followers  on  May 25, 2018

Brian Platz introduces FlureeDB, a graph-style database for building blockchain applications.

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Introduction to Blockchain Technology and Ethereum

Posted by Laurence Kirk  on  Nov 26, 2017 Posted by Laurence Kirk Follow 1 Followers  on  Nov 26, 2017

Laurence Kirk introduces blockchain and Ethereum, the most popular blockchain framework.

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Smart Contracts Are Neither Smart Nor Contracts … So What Are They?

Posted by Christopher Gilbert  on  Nov 24, 2017 Posted by Christopher Gilbert Follow 0 Followers  on  Nov 24, 2017

Christopher Gilbert discusses blockchain, trying to go beyond the hype and explaining what it is and how it can solve real-life problems.

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Distributed Ledgers: Anonymity and Immutability at Scale

Posted by Eleanor McHugh  on  Nov 01, 2017 Posted by Eleanor McHugh Follow 1 Followers  on  Nov 01, 2017

Eleanor McHugh discusses distributed ledgers, what they are, what they are useful for and the privacy concerns they raise.

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Digital Assets: Lessons in Securing What’s Next

Posted by Rob Witoff  on  Oct 23, 2017 Posted by Rob Witoff Follow 1 Followers  on  Oct 23, 2017

Rob Witoff recaps on the past several years at the largest cryptocurrency company in the world and explores technical infrastructure and security lessons learned that apply to what’s next in Fintech.

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Unifying Banks & Blockchains @Coinbase

Posted by Jim Posen  on  Sep 04, 2017 Posted by Jim Posen Follow 1 Followers  on  Sep 04, 2017

Jim Posen talks about blockchain protocols used by Coinbase, detailing Coinbase’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, and US banking integrations and comparing how they implement the generalized service interface.

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Blockchain: The Oracle Problems

Posted by Paul Sztorc  on  Jun 29, 2017 Posted by Paul Sztorc Follow 1 Followers  on  Jun 29, 2017

Paul Sztorc talks about why the oracle problem is so hard (the historical evolution of failures, why they fail), and the basics of blockchain ("blockchain as immortal software", ledger "rents").

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Case Study: Alternate Blockchains

Posted by Jeremy Rand  on  Jun 27, 2017 Posted by Jeremy Rand Follow 1 Followers  on  Jun 27, 2017

Jeremy Rand talks about Namecoin and Monero, the advantages to alternate blockchains, and risks of using chains that are not as secured or are merge mined.

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Practical Blockchains: Building on Bitcoin

Posted by Peter Todd  on  Jun 27, 2017 Posted by Peter Todd Follow 1 Followers  on  Jun 27, 2017

Peter Todd answers the questions: why use Bitcoin over other blockchains, what is safe, future proof ways to peg data to Bitcoin's blockchain and what is Bitcoin script, and how it can be used.

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