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  • InfoQ Article: In-Process JVM & CLR Interop

    The two most popular managed environments (the JVM and the CLR) are in fact, nothing more than a set of shared libraries, each providing services to executing code such as memory management, thread management, code compilation (JIT), etc. Using both the JVM and the CLR inside the same operating system process is easy; in this new article, Ted Neward shows how and why.

  • Feature Specifications for Visual Studio and the .NET Framework

    Last week Microsoft released the feature specifications for the .NET Framework codenamed "Orcas" and the next version of Visual Studio. Among the more notable additions comes multi-targeting across versions of the .NET Framework, a feature that was noticeably absent from Visual Studio 2005.

  • A Train-Wreck Waiting To Happen: Managed Code and the Windows Shell

    The CLR has a major design flaw; each process can only have one. When you combine this with a ubiquitous process like explorer.exe, disaster can strike.

  • IPC Pipes Introduced to the .NET Framework

    Hidden in the October CTP for Orcas, developers will find a new addition to the .NET Framework. The IPC mechanism called pipes has been introduced to managed code. The next version of the framework will support both anonymous pipes and named pipes.

  • Extending IIS7 Through Integrated Mode

    With the 3.0 release of the .NET framework the IIS7 webserver will now support a new mode called "Integrated Mode". Integrated Mode brings to .NET the ability to write the equivalent of ISAPI modules, however now developers can code in C# rather than C++.

  • WCF Live Service Trace Viewer

    Craig and Vittorio release their Live Service Trace Viewer which is an enhancement to the one provided in the .NET 3.0 SDK. The differentiator: you can view the WCF interactions as they happen.

  • LANG.NET 2006 Presentations Available

    The videos (slides+audio) from the Microsoft-hosted LANG.Net Symposium are now available. Talks include "Dynamically Typed Languages on the Java Platform", " Ruby on the CLR", "Spec#", and "VB 9". The conference focused on programming languages that target managed execution platforms such as the .NET CLR.

  • IronPython 1.0 Released

    On September 5, Microsoft released the first production version of IronPython. This implementation of Python runs on the Common Language Runtime 2.0. IronPython 1.0 can be downloaded from CodePlex, Microsoft's community development web site.

  • Ruby and .NET Destined For Each Other?

    It suddenly seems everyone is interested in making Ruby on .NET a reality. The new IronRuby project was presented at RubyEnRails 2006 last week and this week we were notified of Brite, yet another Ruby interpreter/compiler effort targeting the CLR. The newcomers join John Lam's RubyCLR project and the joint Microsoft and Queensland University of Technology Ruby.NET headed for beta in late 2006.