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  • .NET News Roundup - Week of April 12th, 2021

    It's been a busy week for the .NET community, with the release of new Visual Studio previews (Windows and Mac), updates to .NET Core 3.1 and 2.1, new releases from the Azure team, and more. InfoQ examined these and a number of smaller stories in the .NET ecosystem from the week of April 12th, 2021.

  • Intel Working on New Data Parallel C++

    Announced at its Software Technology Day in London, Intel new Data Parallel C++ aims to provide a unified, cross-industry, single-source language to program heterogeneous architectures.

  • Sony Trains ResNet-50 on ImageNet in 224 Seconds

    Researchers from Sony announced that they trained a ResNet 50 architecture on ImageNet in only 224 seconds.  The resulting network has a top-1 accuracy of 75% on the validation set of ImageNet. They achieved this record by using 2.100 Tesla V100 Tensor Core GPUs from NVIDIA. Besides this record, they also got a 90% GPU scaling efficiency using 1.088 Tesla V100 Tensor Core GPUs. 

  • GPUs Found Vulnerable to Side-Channel Attacks

    Since Spectre and Meltdown were demonstrated at the beginning of 2018, researchers have been discovering many variants of side-channel vulnerabilities affecting both Intel and AMD CPUs. GPUs seemed instead to be immune to such attacks. Until now, that is.

  • Using C# to Target GPUs

    The new Hybridizer technology provides C# developers with a way to target the CUDA platform and take advantage of GPUs for increased performance. Thanks to Hybridizer, developers are not forced to use C or C++ to write high-performance GPU code.