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  • Intel Working on New Data Parallel C++

    Announced at its Software Technology Day in London, Intel new Data Parallel C++ aims to provide a unified, cross-industry, single-source language to program heterogeneous architectures.

  • Sony Trains ResNet-50 on ImageNet in 224 Seconds

    Researchers from Sony announced that they trained a ResNet 50 architecture on ImageNet in only 224 seconds.  The resulting network has a top-1 accuracy of 75% on the validation set of ImageNet. They achieved this record by using 2.100 Tesla V100 Tensor Core GPUs from NVIDIA. Besides this record, they also got a 90% GPU scaling efficiency using 1.088 Tesla V100 Tensor Core GPUs. 

  • GPUs Found Vulnerable to Side-Channel Attacks

    Since Spectre and Meltdown were demonstrated at the beginning of 2018, researchers have been discovering many variants of side-channel vulnerabilities affecting both Intel and AMD CPUs. GPUs seemed instead to be immune to such attacks. Until now, that is.

  • Using C# to Target GPUs

    The new Hybridizer technology provides C# developers with a way to target the CUDA platform and take advantage of GPUs for increased performance. Thanks to Hybridizer, developers are not forced to use C or C++ to write high-performance GPU code.


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