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Better DevEx at Netflix: Polyglot and Containers

Posted by Mike McGarr  on  Oct 17, 2018 Posted by Mike McGarr Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 17, 2018

Mike McGarr talks about the evolution of developer tooling at Netflix, focusing on command line tools they built to address evolving needs around programming languages, containers and more.

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Better Value Sooner, Safer, Happier

Posted by Jon Smart  on  Sep 29, 2018 Posted by Jon Smart Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 29, 2018

Jon Smart discusses the Agile endeavor at Barclay, practicing continuous improvement centered around outcomes and value.

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Coinbase Commerce: A User-Controlled Payment Processor

Posted by Amy Yin  on  Sep 17, 2018 Posted by Amy Yin Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 17, 2018

Amy Yin talks about Coinbase Commerce, a user-controlled payment processor.

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Engineering Systems for Real-Time Predictions @DoorDash

Posted by Raghav Ramesh  on  Aug 22, 2018 Posted by Raghav Ramesh Follow 0 Followers  on  Aug 22, 2018

Raghav Ramesh presents DoorDash’s thoughts on how to structure ML systems in production to enable robust and wide-scale deployment of ML, and shares best practices in designing engineering tooling.

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ML Data Pipelines for Real-Time Fraud Prevention @PayPal

Posted by Mikhail Kourjanski  on  Aug 22, 2018 Posted by Mikhail Kourjanski Follow 1 Followers  on  Aug 22, 2018

Mikhail Kourjanski focuses on the architectural approach towards PayPal’s real-time service platform that leverages ML models, delivers performance and quality of decisions.

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Skype's Journey from P2P: It's Not Just about the Services

Posted by Bruce Lowekamp  on  Aug 15, 2018 Posted by Bruce Lowekamp Follow 2 Followers  on  Aug 15, 2018

Bruce Lowekamp discusses the evolution of Skype's architecture and tradeoffs in design made along the way, the lessons learned and the improvements that are still in process as Skype evolves.

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Closer to the Wire: Real-Time News Alerting @Bloomberg

Posted by Katerina Domenikou  on  Aug 14, 2018 Posted by Katerina Domenikou Follow 2 Followers  on  Aug 14, 2018

Katerina Domenikou talks about how her team built the Bloomberg real-time alerting platform using open source search technology, and explores the challenges that arise at that scale.

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Canopy: Scalable Distributed Tracing & Analysis @ Facebook

Posted by Haozhe Gao  on  Aug 14, 2018 Posted by Haozhe Gao Follow 0 Followers , Joe O’Neill Follow 0 Followers  on  Aug 14, 2018

Haozhe Gao and Joe O’Neill present Canopy, Facebook’s performance and efficiency tracing infrastructure. They talk about the lessons learned and present case studies of its use.

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Lyft's Envoy: Embracing a Service Mesh

Posted by Matt Klein  on  Aug 07, 2018 Posted by Matt Klein Follow 4 Followers  on  Aug 07, 2018

Matt Klein explains why Lyft developed Envoy, focusing primarily on the operational agility that the burgeoning service mesh paradigm provides, with a focus on microservice networking observability.

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Forced Evolution: Shopify's Journey to Kubernetes

Posted by Niko Kurtti  on  Aug 07, 2018 Posted by Niko Kurtti Follow 0 Followers  on  Aug 07, 2018

Niko Kurtti talks about the challenges Shopify saw in moving from a traditional host-based infrastructure to a cloud native one, moving not only their core app to Kubernetes but also other apps.

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The Cloud is Ready. Are You? Accelerating Enterprise Cloud Adoption with Automation

Posted by Ashok Balasubramanian  on  Jul 21, 2018 Posted by Ashok Balasubramanian Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 21, 2018

Ashok Balasubramanian discusses how Syntel’s automation powered approach helps enterprises adopt cloud, including one case of adoption of Pivotal.

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Control Planes: Designing Infrastructure for Rapid Iteration

Posted by Mohit Gupta  on  Jul 18, 2018 Posted by Mohit Gupta Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 18, 2018

Mohit Gupta shares Clever’s learnings on how to build developer control planes to allow our infrastructure team to make changes without disrupting engineers.

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