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Self-racing Using Deep Neural Networks: Lap 2

Posted by Jendrik Joerdening  on  May 23, 2018 Posted by Jendrik Joerdening Follow 1 Followers , Anthony Navarro Follow 1 Followers  on  May 23, 2018

Jendrik Joerdening, Anthony Navarro discuss how a team of Udacity students used neural networks to teach in two days a car drive by itself around a track.

AI, ML & Data Engineering Follow 703 Followers

Counting is Hard: Probabilistic Algorithms for View Counting at Reddit

Posted by Krishnan Chandra  on  May 15, 2018 Posted by Krishnan Chandra Follow 0 Followers  on  May 15, 2018

Krishnan Chandra explains the challenges of building a view counting system at scale, and how Reddit used probabilistic counting algorithms to make scaling easier.

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Developing Data and ML Pipelines at Stitch Fix

Posted by Jeff Magnusson  on  May 15, 2018 Posted by Jeff Magnusson Follow 0 Followers  on  May 15, 2018

Jeff Magnusson discusses thoughts and guidelines on how Stitch Fix develops, schedules, and maintains their data and ML pipelines.

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Building a Reliable Cloud-Based Bank in Java

Posted by Jason Maude  on  May 11, 2018 Posted by Jason Maude Follow 0 Followers  on  May 11, 2018

Jason Maude talks about the server-side implementation of Starling Bank and shows how, even though Java is over two decades old, it can still be used for cutting edge applications.

AI, ML & Data Engineering Follow 703 Followers

Counterfactual Evaluation of Machine Learning Models

Posted by Michael Manapat  on  May 10, 2018 Posted by Michael Manapat Follow 0 Followers  on  May 10, 2018

Michael Manapat discusses how Stripe evaluates and trains their machine learning models to fight fraud.

AI, ML & Data Engineering Follow 703 Followers

Using Artificial Intelligence to Test the Candy Crush Saga Game

Posted by Alexander Andelkovic  on  May 06, 2018 Posted by Alexander Andelkovic Follow 0 Followers  on  May 06, 2018

Alexander Andelkovic shows how King is training artificial intelligence bots to test its games by mimicking human interactions.

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Tried and True Approach to Cloud Native Design - An Experienced-Based Method

Posted by Rahul Kandhari  on  May 05, 2018 Posted by Rahul Kandhari Follow 0 Followers  on  May 05, 2018

Rahul Kandhari discusses HCL’s journey creating microservices and lessons learned along the way.

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10k Deploys a Day - the Skyscanner Journey So Far

Posted by Stuart Davidson  on  May 02, 2018 1 Posted by Stuart Davidson Follow 0 Followers  on  May 02, 2018 1

Stuart Davidson tries to dispel the myth that all needs to be "all-in" from the start and walks through how Skyscanner got to where they are, one step and one transition at a time.

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Zero-Dollar Migration Program

Posted by Rahul Deo  on  Apr 15, 2018 Posted by Rahul Deo Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 15, 2018

Rahul Deo discusses how to lower the cost of Pivotal migration using an engagement model which manages rising cost issues.

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Logistics as a Service: Building the Ocado Smart Platform

Posted by Paul Sweetman  on  Apr 14, 2018 Posted by Paul Sweetman Follow 1 Followers , Alex Harvey Follow 1 Followers  on  Apr 14, 2018

Paul Sweetman and Alex Harvey discuss how Ocado Technology has built The Ocado Smart Platform, a scalable, AWS-based microservices architecture, combined with GCP analytics and a robotics grid.

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Scaling Uber's Elasticsearch Clusters

Posted by Danny Yuan  on  Apr 11, 2018 Posted by Danny Yuan Follow 3 Followers  on  Apr 11, 2018

Danny Yuan talks about how Uber scaled its Elasticsearch clusters as well as its ingestion pipelines for ingestions, queries, data storage, and operations by a three-person team.

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Expand Cloud Foundry for the Enterprise

Posted by Tim Leong  on  Apr 09, 2018 Posted by Tim Leong Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 09, 2018

Tim Leong discusses how Comcast leverages BOSH, the Service Broker API and Custom Buildpacks to add functionality to their DevOps teams to deploy and maintain geographically dispersed applications.

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