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  • Lightbend Speaks to InfoQ on Their Acquisition of OpsClarity

    Nine months after acquiring BoldRadius, Lightbend announced their acquisition of OpsClarity, a company specializing in monitoring reactive applications. InfoQ interviewed Mark Brewer, president and CEO at Lightbend and Alan Ngai, co-founder of OpsClarity and now VP of cloud services at Lightbend to learn more about this new partnership.

  • Mashape Open Sources API Gateway Kong

    Mashape has open sourced their API Layer called Kong.

  • How Twitter Answers Handles Five Billion Sessions a Day

    Twitter's Answers is an analytics service for mobile apps that has come to see five billion sessions per day. Ed Solovey, software engineer at Twitter, has described how their system works to provide "reliable, real-time, and actionable" data based on hundreds of millions of mobile devices sending millions of events every second.

  • How Netflix Handled the Reboot of 218 Cassandra Nodes

    Amazon performed a major maintenance update at the end of September in order to patch a security vulnerability in a Xen hypervisor affecting about 10% of their global fleet of cloud servers. This update involved the rebooting of those servers, with consequences for AWS users and the services they provide, including one of their largest clients, Netflix.

  • Vormetric Partners with DataStax to Deliver Enhanced Data-at-Rest Security in Apache Cassandra

    Vormetric, a data security solutions provider has announced a partnership with DataStax, the company behind Apache Cassandra, to enhance the enterprise-class security features in the platform. The two companies will work together to enhance data-at-rest security that includes encryption, enhanced access controls and security intelligence in Apache Cassandra.

  • BitCoins Lost, MongoDB and Eventual Consistency

    The recent theft from several BitCoin operators has sparked a debate whether eventually consistent databases are useful or not for banking.

  • Cassandra Gains Momentum On Enterprise Adoption Around 2.1 Release

    Cassandra is rapidly heading towards 2.1 release, with 2.1.0-beta1 already available for evaluation. We take a look at major features introduced in the latest major release and what's coming up. Supported by DataStax, Cassandra is expanding its reach towards the enterprise world. DataStax recently announced a partner network program, Patrick McFadin called out on MongoDB's scaling issues and other

  • DataStax Brings Enterprise Security To Cassandra, Hadoop, Solr

    Datastax Enterprise 3.0 was announced last month with several Enterprise security features for a cluster using Cassandra, Hadoop and Solr. InfoQ caught up with Robin Schumacher, VP of Products at DataStax to learn more.

  • Simba Technologies is bringing the power of SQL to Cassandra, Hadoop, BigQuery, and MongoDB

    At its heart, SQL is a domain specific language designed to allow non-professional programmers to query databases and write ad hock reports. When a company moves from a relational database to a NoSQL offering the need for ad hock reporting doesn’t go away, it just becomes harder. Simba’s ODBC drivers shift the power back into the hands of the users.

  • Cassandra Gets Atomic Batches, Virtual Nodes, CQL Improvements

    Cassandra 1.2 was recently released with several improvements such as virtual nodes, atomic batch support, better performance and more.

  • Cassandra Storage Engine for MariaDB

    MariaDB has announced a preview of the Cassandra Storage Engine. This is a plugin that allows MariaDB to access Cassandra clusters using normal SQL syntax.

  • Cassandra 1.0.0. Is Ready for the Enterprise

    Apache has announced the release of Cassandra 1.0.0, the first major milestone of the distributed column-based data store coming with data compression and several performance improvements and optimizations.

  • Usergrid: a New Open Source Platform for Mobile and Rich Client Applications

    Last week, Ed Anuff, founder of Usergrid, announced the first source code release available on GitHub. Usergrid is a comprehensive platform stack for mobile and rich client applications. It can be deployed as a highly scalable Cloud service, it is built in Java and runs on top of Cassandra.

  • CassandraSF2011: Progress and Futures

    Johnathan Ellis keynoted at Cassandra SF 2011. Ellis reviewed accomplishments including better support for multi-data center deployments, optimized read performance, included integrated caching and improved client APIs including a SQL-like language CQL. Looking forward, Ellis emphasized polish - efficient database repair, storage compression, optimized performance and an expanded CQL language.

  • Cassandra Indexing Guidelines from CassandraSF2011

    Ed Anuff reviewed Cassandra's built-in secondary indexes, noting that they don't work well for high cardinality values, require at least one equality comparison and return unsorted results. Anuff presented patterns for alternative indexing including wide rows and tables that use Cassandra 0.8.1's new composite comparator operators to overcome these limitations.