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Knockbox, an Eventual Consistency Toolkit

Posted by Reid Draper  on  Jul 10, 2012

Reid Draper introduces Knockbox, an eventual consistency toolbox for Clojure inspired by Statebox, discussing some useful use cases, how to perform garbage collection and testing while using it.

Introducing Immutant

Posted by Jim Crossley  on  Jul 09, 2012 1

Jim Crossley introduces Immutant – an application server for Clojure, inspired by TorqueBox and powered by JBoss AS7 –, showing a demo application, how to use it, and exploring its API.

Building Tools to Help Kids Win with ADHD

Posted by Alan Whitaker  on  Jul 04, 2012

Alan Whitaker presents a Clojure application that is used in a pilot program meant to help children with ADHD to improve their condition.

The Taming of the Deftype

Posted by Baishampayan Ghose  on  Jul 03, 2012 1

Baishampayan Ghose discusses creating custom data types in Clojure, covering: types vs. records, interfaces and corresponding protocol, mutable types, and example implementations.

clojure @ runa :: dynamic pricing through DSLs

Posted by Amit Rathore  on  Jun 25, 2012

Amit Rathore discusses DSLs in Clojure along with an example of using Clojure to provide real-time dynamic pricing for online retailers at Runa.

Clojure-powered Startups

Posted by Paul deGrandis  on  Jun 22, 2012 4

Paul deGrandis examines three startups and their technology needs, risk and tradeoffs, presenting how Clojure did its part in their success.

What Sucks about Clojure...and Why You'll Love It Anyway

Posted by Chas Emerick  on  Jun 19, 2012 15

Chas Emerick makes a critique of Clojure outlining its weak points related to namespaces, declare, dynamic scope, STM, JVM and others.

Statistical Graphics, ClojureScript, &c.

Posted by Kevin Lynagh  on  Jun 13, 2012 2

Kevin Lynagh discusses information design and why he thinks programmers suck at that, and how one can implement great data visualizations with Clojure and ClujureScript.

Programming with Values in Clojure

Posted by Alan Dipert  on  Jun 11, 2012

Alan Dipert discusses the benefits of functional programming in Clojure, suggesting using pure functions to process values and sometimes explicit procedures for needed side effects.

The Design of Datomic

Posted by Rich Hickey  on  Jun 06, 2012

Rich Hickey discusses the design decisions made for Datomic, a database for JVM languages: what problems they were trying to solve with it, the solutions chosen, and their implementations.

Evident Code, at Scale

Posted by Stuart Halloway  on  Jun 04, 2012

Stuart Halloway shares advice on creating evident code that scales. Evident code is software that clearly expresses its meaning and purpose.

Why Prismatic Goes Faster With Clojure

Posted by Bradford Cross  on  May 29, 2012

Bradford Cross recommends creating custom libraries containing composable abstractions instead of monolithic frameworks, exemplifying with Flop, Store, Graph, and Newsfeeds, all written in Clojure.

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