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    Scaling Docker with Kubernetes V1

    by Carlos Sanchez Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 31, 2015

    Find out what's new in Kubernetes V1 with a Jenkins example in Google Container Engine (and locally with Vagrant). Kubernetes V1 brings enterprise-level capabilities such as self healing, service discovery, dynamic DNS, resource quotas, centralized logging, network isolation, resource quotas. In short, Kubernetes V1 makes management of Docker fleets easier.

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    DevOps is Not a Feature!

    by Nati Shalom Follow 0 Followers on  May 24, 2015

    DevOps is the industrialization of IT, says Nati Shalom. Organizations that wish to optimize for speed and cost cannot afford silos anymore."Doing DevOps" is not adding new features to existing tools. In this article, Shalom takes us through the differences between management solutions in a pre and post DevOps world.

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    Uncovering mysteries of InputFormat: Providing better control for your Map Reduce execution.

    by Mike Segel Follow 0 Followers , Boris Lublinsky Follow 1 Followers on  Nov 04, 2011 3

    In their article authors, Boris Lublinsky and Mike Segel, show how to leverage custom InputFormat class implementation to tighter control execution strategy of Maps in Hadoop Map Reduce jobs.