Ruby Static Analysis Tools Roundup: metric_fu, Simian, Saikuro and More

by Sebastien Auvray Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 12, 2009 4

Code quality tools for mainstream languages have reached a certain level of maturity, but tools for Ruby are still growing and become more important as Ruby spreads from early adopters to the early majority. InfoQ takes a look at the available code quality tools in the Ruby space.


Spec# and Boogie Released on CodePlex

by Jonathan Allen Follow 465 Followers on  Aug 05, 2009

The source code for Spec# is now available on CodePlex under the Microsoft Research Shared Source License Agreement (non-commercial use only). It’s code verification tools, named Boogie, has been released under the Microsoft Public License, which conforms to Free/Open Source standards.


Fisheye and Crucible Add "Social Networking"

by Dave West Follow 0 Followers on  Jul 06, 2009 1

The latest releases of Fisheye 2 (source code repository browser) and Crucible 2 (code review) from Atlassian offer a completely revamped UI, one that allows developers to follow the team (a kind of social networking) as well as follow the work. Crucible 2 also supports the idea of "iterative code review."


Code quality for teams

by Niclas Nilsson Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 29, 2009

Jaibeer Malik has posted an introduction of how to address and introduce code quality within a team. His series of posts may suite you if you are in a situation where you have to either learn more yourself or introduce these ideas to others. The series provides a brief overview of the topic and gives pointers in different directions of where to go to study more.


SQL Enlight T-SQL Analyzer

by Al Tenhundfeld Follow 0 Followers on  Apr 29, 2009

SQL Enlight is a tool designed to expedite and facilitate T-SQL development through code analysis and templating. SQL Enlight integrates into MS Visual Studio and SQL Management Studio.


The Future of ParseTree

by Werner Schuster Follow 4 Followers on  Apr 22, 2009 1

The current Ruby 1.9.1 doesn't have the required features to allow ParseTree's runtime features to work - which means some libraries that depend on those features won't work. Examples are Merb's action arguments or heckle. We take a look at the state of ParseTree - and how ruby_parser is a possible way out.


Presentation: Ruby.rewrite(Ruby)

by Werner Schuster Follow 4 Followers on  Dec 10, 2008 4

In this RubyFringe talk, Reginald Braithwaite shows how to write Ruby that reads, writes, and rewrites Ruby. The demos include extending the Ruby language with conditional expressions, new forms of evaluation such as call-by-name and call-by-need, and more.


Interview: Yehuda Katz Explains Merb

by Werner Schuster Follow 4 Followers on  Dec 10, 2008 2

In this interview from RubyFringe, Yehuda Katz talks about the design principles behind Merb and its focus on a stable API. Yehuda also mentions Yard, an RDoc replacement, which provides a simple way to define contracts for Ruby methods.


Static Code Analysis for T-SQL

by Jonathan Allen Follow 465 Followers on  Nov 18, 2008 1

Static code analysis, long neglected on the Windows platform, has been becoming more and more import in the last few years. This hasn't gone unnoticed by database developers, who thanks to Ubitsoft can now analyze T-SQL just like .NET developers analyze managed code.


FxCop 1.36 Released

by Al Tenhundfeld Follow 0 Followers on  Aug 22, 2008

Microsoft has released a new version of FxCop, the popular static code analyzer and policy enforcement utility. This release fixes numerous bugs and adds support .NET Framework 3.5 language features. This release updates FxCop to have the same engine enhancements provided to VSTS Code Analysis in VS 2008 SP1.


Presentation: Secure Programming with Static Analysis

by Niclas Nilsson Follow 0 Followers on  Aug 06, 2008 2

Creating secure code requires more than just good intentions. Programmers need to know how to make their code safe in an almost infinite number of scenarios and configurations. Static source code analysis can uncover the kinds of errors that lead directly to vulnerabilities and in this talk, Brian Chess frames the software security problem and shows how static analysis is part of the solution.


Klocwork Insight Brings Code Analysis to the Desktop

by Scott Delap Follow 0 Followers on  Jul 15, 2008

Earlier this year Klocwork released a desktop product, Klocwork Insight, bringing their automated source code analysis features to individual developers. InfoQ recently sat down with Klocwork CTO Gwyn Fisher to discuss the product.


FxCop Rules Join the Pipeline Builder for System.AddIn

by Jonathan Allen Follow 465 Followers on  Jul 14, 2008

Microsoft has created FxCop rules for projects leveraging the extensibility framework System.AddIn. This joins the out-of-band project Pipeline Builder as a must-have for developers using this .NET 3.5 framework.


Getting Up-to-Speed on NDepend and Code Metrics

by Robert Bazinet Follow 0 Followers on  Jul 11, 2008

Any tool is only good if it is in the hands of a developer who knows how to use it. NDepend is one of those tools which is very powerful but addresses an aspect of software development too few architects or developers understand, software metrics.


JProbe 8.0: The Java code, memory, and coverage profiler is back

by Steven Haines Follow 0 Followers on  Jul 04, 2008

Quest Software recently released JProbe 8.0, a Java code, memory, and coverage profiler. While JProbe has been one of the leading Java profiling tools since the late 1990's, JProbe 8.0 aims to help Quest regain the leadership position in the profiling market with new Eclipse integration and a more competitive price point.

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