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Pragmatic Software Architecture and the Role of the Architect

Posted by  on  Jun 23, 2011 5

Joe Wirtley introduces software architecture and the role of the architect in software development along with techniques, tips and resources to help one get started thinking as an architect.

Beginning Android Development

Posted by  on  Jun 17, 2011 10

Christopher Judd makes an introduction to Android development, showing where the start, the tools needed, how to build the first app, how to deploy it, along with mobile development lessons.

5 Classic Patterns in Everyday Code

Posted by  on  Jun 09, 2011 11

Michael Wood explains the importance of using patterns in software design, exemplifying with Adapter, Decorator, Command, and several Factory patterns.

Actor-based Programming

Posted by  on  Jun 02, 2011 7

Jamie Ridgway explains what actors are, why we need them, what they are helpful for, the languages built around this programming paradigm, along with some demos showing actor-based apps.

Five Static Code Audits Every Developer Should Know and Use

Posted by  on  May 17, 2011

Mike Rozlog discusses the need for software audits, proposing five code reviews that every developer should use: Numerical Literal, String Literal, god Method, Shotgun Surgery and Duplicate Code.

Getting Real with Consulting

Posted by  on  May 10, 2011 1

Jamie Wright provides advice on project management based on 37 signals’ software development methodology for those involved in consulting.

Functional Programming: A Pragmatic Introduction

Posted by  on  May 06, 2011 8

Jim Duey explains functional programming through Java code samples, emphasizing the need for a mindset change in approaching coding and why the functional paradigm is useful.

Deep Dive into HTML5 and CSS3

Posted by  on  May 02, 2011 1

Wesley Reisz explains HTML5, demoing some of its most important features and highlighting some of the obstacles he met while working with it.

The Code is the Design

Posted by  on  Apr 22, 2011 8

Mark Haskamp supports the idea that source code is the design blueprint and the entire documentation of a software product.


Posted by  on  Apr 13, 2011 3

CouchDB is a schema-free document database. But now that the NoSQL movement is in full swing, there are several document databases to choose from, so why choose Couch?

Monads Made Easy

Posted by  on  Apr 08, 2011 8

Jim Duey demystifies monads through code examples written in Clojure, explaining what monads are, how they are used and how to write one.

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