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  • A VPN for Cloud Computing

    Security is the gating factor for preventing Enterprise Cloud adoption, argues CohesiveFT's CTO, Patrick Kerpan. His company just released the first VPN for the Cloud to enable Enterprise customers to secure three kinds of topologies: Cloud, Cloud-to-Cloud and Enterprise-to-Cloud.

  • Is AMQP on the way to providing real business interoperability?

    AMQP came from inside of JPMorgan, thanks to John O'Hara. But his vision was bigger than just a new way to do things internally. The standard and open source technologies around it have been gaining momentum. Jeff Gould and others shed some light on where AMQP came from, who is driving it, and where it might be going.

  • CohesiveFT's Elastic Server On-Demand - Easy Server Provisioning

    CohesiveFT's Elastic Server On-Demand is a SaaS platform that allows virtualized application stacks to be dynamically defined and provisioned on-demand, doing in minutes what can take hours or days. InfoQ spoke with Alexis Richardson about the service and how it helps simplify the complexity of virtualization.